Powder Coating Services- a Matchless 'Green' Product Finishing Solution

Since its inception in mid 90's, the innovative concept of power coating via electrostatic spray deposition process has revolutionized the product finishing approach of a wide variety of metallic and non-metallic substrates. To many industries, that has been greatly acclaimed and preferred as a unique alternative to liquid painting procedures. As of today, hardly any industry is there that doesn't opt for powder coating services to avail its wonderful benefits of the protective feature, durability, smooth finishing, aesthetic value and cost advantage for product coating.

As said above, based on electro-statically deposition concept, technicians of well-equipped power coating services use sprayer guns to deposit the grains of powder of various textures and dyes on the objects that are to be coated. Being negatively charged, the grains of powder get to stick to the substrates automatically, which again is moved to a high-temperature curing furnace to dry and solidify the powder in the form of a dense extremely protective outer layer of the object. According to an industry estimate, it's more than 14% of industrial finishes now depends on power coating service providers.

Pros of Powder Coating Services Durability Powder coated metal surfaces offer exceptional resistance to common chipping, scratching, flaking, fading, and wearing, as it also provides highly robust coating resistive to oxidation and corrosion. Once the electromagnetically charged powder grains are infused on the surface and then baked in the facility, the grains get further melted and glued. Unlike, traditional wet painting, powder coating offers a harder, much durable body finishes that feels as its innate part.

Color and Texture Options Although with powder coating, you can have limited color choices but specialized power coating services can render your customer's need with a variety of textured finishes, ranging from smooth to matte, glossy to the super glossy or fluorescent tone of grains that looks incredible on electrical accessories, illumination products, home products, furnishing, etc. For industrial applications often buyers choose matt or rough finishing of objects to protect their surface from all kinds of marks and stains.

Efficiency One of the great benefits of powder coating services that since its coating is typically carried out with single phase application, it becomes highly cost-effective coating option to industrial buyers. Thankfully, with the presence of electro-static means of powder blasting as it minimizes powder wastage, equally a skilled labor never need waiting after every phase of the coating to get it dried and to carry on the next coat. Thus it saves greatly on operating cost, labor hours and adds to overall efficiency.

Cost Effectiveness The accumulation of infrastructural simplicity, process minimalism, and reduced labor hour thus benefit industries to get faster supplies in economical rates for powder coating services. Not only the finest class of powder used by reputable powder coating services cost quite less in comparison to high brand traditional colors, due to fewer color options, service providers can procure high quality of powder from international market in best prices. Being in the loop, you become benefited from this cost advantage owing to high market competition.

'Green' Coating Among the most noteworthy benefits of powder coating services, one is that it lessens the potential of ecological damages, and thus eliminates all your concerns that are relatively common in other plating and finishing processes. Powder coating is 100% is free of all harmful solvents, toxic chemicals and thereby never emits VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the surrounding.

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