Querying a Table of Events for Reporting

I would add a PriorShipments field to the fact table. You will have a lot of rows, but clustering on the ShipDate field should be pretty efficient, and querying would be quite simple.You can pre-aggregate this a little, as long as Farmer Brown is never going to care about to which farms he has been shipping peaches. Movin' to the country, gunna eat me a lot of peaches

1. How do you apply the table style of a table to another?

The easiest way is to:

2. The new table of dignities ....?

I agree with the others. There are many inaccuracies. I have a problem with the fact that they are throwing out names of ancient astrologers and quoting what they practiced, and then they do not have the table accurate with what those astrologers wrote. Also, I have a problem with sources not actually being cited in a reference piece such as this one

3. Routing table configuration

For the first question, the answer is 'yes'. The router will work, but only the networks in the routing table will be accessible. For everything else, you will get a "destination host unreachable".For the second, if you have two (or more) overlaping networks, the longest-prefix-match will be used. So, if you want to access, the second route will be used (does not matter in your case, since both use the same gateway), because the the match is longer (more bits match the network ID/mask). If you have:and want to ping, the packet will go via gw4, since it matches more bits with the network id/mask then other routes.Edit:is not a valid route (if you use /28, is a network ID). However is a valid route.

4. What is the difference between a Pool Table and a Snooker Table?

Theres a lil difference... depends on how you look at it

5. A multiplication table for the Cheela

Try it here!Explanation:Or 12 bytes without the bonus

6. Rectangular table with diagonal arrows

Consider using tikz

7. i need an end table?

Scrap wood, milk crates, gift boxes, old typewriter cases, old hat boxes, anything w/ a flat surface . . . . Cinderblocks and a boardgame board . .

8. Trouble with table using multirow and multicolumn

Any textual data in an S column should be enclosed in a pair of braces .

9. Attach a router to a table?

most routers Ive had and mounted Ive had to remove the plastic base of the router and try and line up some or one hole and then mark the other holes. Then of coarse you have to drill new holes and then take screws and mount the router. if you ever have o use the router again hand held you just have to reinstall the base, it has not hurt any router Ive done that to.

10. table scraps for my dog?

Yes, unfortunutley it is. The dyes, preservitives, and all of that it really unhealthy for your dog. It is ok. every once in a while but not to often. NEVER give your dog chocolate though, and nothing that has chocolate in it. This will kill your dog! Sorry to say though... Oh!!!!!!! and DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOGS GREENIES DOG BONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They's ARE NOT digestable! They get stuck in your dog's intestines and block them and they WILL die because of the blockage. ABC did a program on them and after that I have done a ton of research. I hopes this helps you some! :- )

11. How many square feet are in a round table with a 60" diameter table top?

pie X r squared so. 3.14 x 2.5 squared which is 3.14 x 6.25 =19.625 square feet so 353.25 pounds total

12. Table Manners?

hard matter. seek using bing and yahoo. just that could help!

13. What's the rule for putting a table runner on your dining room table?

always when I submit a question, even if it's the easiest one, they cannot give me a proper informed answer on this website. happened to people who actually take the time to answer?

14. How to estimate formula by a table

You can do a linear least squares fit. Excel will do it for you and give you the coefficients. You can choose the degree of the polynomial. It will give you $a,b,c,d$. Any numerical analysis text will provide a writeup. The rounding is just like measurement noise

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