Recomended High/low Pressures for an Auto Air Conditioning System?

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1. Is it ok to have the air conditioning on in the car, and set the temperature dial to warm?

No problem. It does demist. It is beneficial for the system to be run at least one a month, for at least 1/2 hr. This circulates the lubricant

2. Help Air conditioning a 6x4 room .?

Well yeah, you have to open the window and let the AC draw fresh air from outside

3. can you sleep comfortably in Negril without air conditioning in May?

Air Conditioning is always nice but Conditioned Air (Ceiling Fans) works just as well in Negril

4. Chinchilla question-its 68.6 degrees in my chins room right now-the air conditioning is set for 70F so it...?

Do not worry, it's only dangerous if the temperature reaches 80 degrees Fahrenheit

5. I am planning to buy a big house, which air conditioning system is the best for big houses??!?

Do your shopping , It really depends on the square footage of your home. Main A/c central units : Carrier Lennox Goodman Rudd

6. can you run the central air conditioning unit only with solar and if so how many panels would be needed.?

How many watts is your central air conditioner? I am betting about 5000W. How many hours would it run, let's say 12? 5000W x 12 hours = 60,000 watt hours (wh) a day, or 60 kwh (kilo watt hours) needed. Depending on where you are, you probably get no more than 6 sun hours a day (during air conditioning season). Sun hours is different from hours of sun, it's the equivalent hours at a standard test condition that the panels are rated at. 60,000 wh / 6 sun hours = 10,000 watts (10kW) of panels needed. That's not figuring in losses or inefficiencies, it's probably closer to 13kW. Installed costs are running about $7 a watt, so you are looking at about $90,000. There are rebates and tax incentives available. I may be way off on your load, you would need to find out how many watts and for how many hours the A/C is on. Then you can do the math yourself.

7. An air conditioning company hired a felon to come in my home and he tried to rob me?

You may well have a cause of action. Consult an attorney

8. Is my landlord in breach of contract if he (she) fails to maintain a central air conditioning unit?

Maybe. Your lease will give you more answers - look for a section called breach of contract. If the lease says that they are to provide colling for your unit and they are not, then they would be in breach of that portion of the contract. It probably is not enough for you to breach your end of the contract and not pay your rent or move out before lease end without their written permission. In all likelyhood, the answer is no. Unless what they are doing or not doing is causing a dangerous situation or making your leased unit unlivable, they are likely not in breach of contract. Sorry, not having air conditioning is not generally considered a life threatening situation.

9. What is the most appropriate temperature for the air conditioning on a regular day?

72 degrees inside even if it's 120 outside it would not take long for the heat transfer to happen and it would not affect your utility bill too much

10. How does air conditioning in a car work? does it affect fuel consumption when in use any info at all?

Modern cars actually use less fuel if the windows are up and the A/C is on as the drag of the car is greatly reduced. Automotive AC works just like any other AC. A compressor squeezes a refrigerant gas into a liquid. The liquid expands through an orifice cooling greatly as it becomes a gas. The cold gas flows through a radiator that the cars cabin air flows over, cooling the air. The now warm gas flows through an external radiator called the condenser (in front of the radiator) to cool the gas. The cool gas flows In the the compressor and is squeezed again into a liquid. Astrobuf

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