Room for Growth

With today''s compact spaces andgrowing needs, it sometimes becomes difficult to dedicate one room just for thekids. However, if effectively planned and designed, one can make a roommultifunctional for kids as well as guests or other family members. The room canbe designed around a conceptual theme of the kid''s choice using elements likenature, water world, animals, or flowers etc to integrate its different aspectslike walls, furniture, floors and accessories. But even here, it''simportant to maintain the right balance of colours, and proportions of thefurniture, not to make it loud, jarring and uncomfortable by overdoing thedesign! Here are a few aspects you need to consider for acomfortable, durable and beautiful children''s room.FLOORING: Floors in achild''s room can be bright and playful with running patterns to which they canrelate... like flowers/geometric patterns or floor games! However one has totake special care that the material is stain-proof and easy to maintain, as kidsoften tend to spill things on the floor. Also, if the child issmall, the floor should be smooth and without undulations/crevices where dirtcan collect as little ones tend to consume anything lying on the floor.For easy maintenance, vitrified tiles are a better option overnatural stones as stones are not totally stain-proof, being porous in nature.Vitrified tiles are easy to maintain and also give a jointless andsmooth finish floor - their size being larger than most other tiles available(available in sizes 12"x12", 16"x16", 20"x20", 2''x2'' and even 3''x3''). Since theyare glossy in nature,the shine also makes the room appear larger than it is.Tiles nowadays are available in lovely colours and patterns otherthan the boring off-whites! Also ceramic tiles of small size and varying designsin a mosaic form can be embedded in between to create interesting pattern;however, the precise leveling of the floor in such cases needs specialcare.Carpets and rugs are not suitable for small children because of theirdust-holding capacity and hindrance while playing. A wooden floor isalso an option that can be considered as it gives a lot of warmth to the look ofthe room and is also not as cold to touch as tiles or stones, as kids play onthe floor. WALLS: Walls canbe colourful, cheerful and bright, keeping the right balance so that the roomdoesn''t start looking cluttered. Things like measure scales and games can evenbe painted on walls. However if the room is to be used by other members as well,then plain walls with a good colour scheme also look elegant. The colour palettefor the walls and furniture should go hand in hand and not be jarring, but warmand welcoming with colours like lavenders, mild lemon yellows, a little of redsor pastels The ceiling is another element, which can be made artistic andplayful. FURNITURE: Specialskills are required to design furniture for the kid''s room. Beds, wardrobes,study units and book racks etc with enough storage space for toys form the basicrequirements. Beds can be bunked one above the other to create a playfulatmosphere and free up ground space to play. However, in case other members orguests are sharing the room, it''s best to give a normal double bed of low heightso that kids can play on it easily while it is not being used for sleeping. Ifspace permits, an additional double bed (sliding kinds/sofa cum bed) can beplanted in the room along with the bunk bed. The furniture shouldfirst match the proportion and scale of the kid so that he or she can relate toit. E.g.: even wardrobes can have cloth hangers at an approachable height forthe kid. (Ensure that provision is made to shift them according to growingneeds. The edges of all the furniture in the kid''s room should be rounded off orsmoothened and should be devoid of any protruding corners which could hurt themwhile playing.

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