Sheesham Wood Furniture Buyers Guide

There is a misconception within the world of interior designs, that in order to create the most lavish and awe-inspiring room designs you need to have the most expensive, high brand furniture. This is not correct - Our fantastic Sheesham Furniture can provide style, service and storage for any need alongside durable frames and exquisite exteriors.

Indian Rosewood is a type of richly hued timber, of which can be crafted and used in furniture, doors, or extra home essentials. The tree, named Dalbergia Sissoo grows quickly and is malleable to created a range of designs and features. These trees can grow up to a large height of 25 metres with a tree width of up to 2-3 metres.

Because of their supportive and durable wood, these trees can be carved and crafted into exquisite furniture designs. Also used for flooring and door ways, this high quality material is popular across the world and is well known for its charming qualities.

The trees often grow curved, and need to be dried before being crafted. All the steps involved in harvesting Dalbergia Sissoo wood work hand in hand to create sustainable wooden additions.

Where Does Indian Rosewood Come From?

Dalbergia Sissoo is native to places such as the Himalayas, but is generally grown in Northern India and Indonesia. The hot climate in these countries mean the trees can grow to their full potential and retain their solid qualities.

What is the natural colour of Sheesham Wood?

The colour of natural Sheesham wood cores can vary depending on the age, size and destination of a tree. However, they all generally range from a reddish brown to golden brown. Normally, Sheesham wood also has streaks of different, darker, colours throughout its grain.

Sheesham Wood is an incredibly versatile and sustainable material choice due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, due to its hardwood stance and ability to survive in poor conditions such as extreme cold or high rains, these trees can be grown easily and cheaply. The trees themselves do not need much maintenance and as such allows them to grow undisturbed in a short amount of time.

Whenever we cut down a tree, we plan another in its place so that the quick efficient cycle continues to thrive and provide the UK with fantastic Sheesham Wood Furniture.

How to look after Sheesham Furniture.

These steps are the instructions for keeping your furniture top notch.

• Keep furniture out of direct sunlight to avoid the colour bleaching

• Wipe the dust from you unit regularly, aiming for between once a day and 3 times a week.

• For that rejuvenated finish use our Fiddles premium wax

How to apply wax to Sheesham furniture.

1.Dust the surface of the unit with a cloth.

2. Take some Fiddes premium wax, and lightly apply to a clean cloth.

3.Working in the direction of the grain, apply a light coat to the entirety of the surface area.

5. Apply as many coats as needed to reach the desired effect.

What items can be made from Sheesham Furniture:

This collection is created with Sheesham Wood, which is such a versatile material that it can be crafted and reimagined in many different styles.

The Indian Rosewood ranges have many amazing qualities which make it stand out from the crowd. With traditionally strong solid wooden frames and iron cast handles, these units are the staple of any charming home, and as such offer TV units, coffee tables and sideboards.

Similar to Indian Rosewood, Jali units also feature iron cast detailing and sleek exteriors. This selection is much larger and also incorporates dining tables, chairs and display cabinets.

Thanks to its down to earth Indian flair, our Jali Colours are rich and flowing for a humble yet complete aesthetic. They can be placed in any room and are sure to thrive with your own personal touch.

Cube Furniture is also crafted solely from Sheesham Wood. With a traditional yet bulked out design, these premium units are sure to make a stance in your home for many experiences to come. They are fitted with stainless steel handles for perfect functionality.

Cuba Furniture encompasses the exact same style and design as Cube Furniture, but this range instead features solid wooden handles for a seamless exterior. These units feature tables, drawers, desks and even sideboards.

As mentioned above, nearly all solid wood living room furniture can be crafted from Sheesham Wood and thrive within your living room. This includes a wide range of premium units to support TVs, store drinks and provide fantastic display options.

With an unforgettable excellence, our Sheesham wood coffee tables are ideal for any living room and act as the perfect centrepiece to hold everything in your living room together.

Some of our extensive range features drawers and extra shelving so that you can really personalise your dream coffee table. Furthermore, featured in the coffee table above are drawers with iron cast handles for a functional yet premium approach.

These fantastic units can be placed in almost any room, hallway or open space, and as such provide a lot of homely potential to your aesthetic. Solid Wood Sideboards come in all shapes and sizes and offer surface areas, cabinets, shelves and drawers.

The Tv set has become a basic stance in any living room design and also feature in many other rooms. That is why our Solid Wood Tv Units are crafted to support small, medium or large tv sets depending on the size, and also feature shelves, small cabinets or drawers for extra storage.

A place of work, relaxing and simple learning, the office scenario is a vital accessory to any long-lasting household. Because of this, we are proud to offer a diverse range of items which can be introduced into your study.

Full of strength, support and excellence, our bookcases are built with loving hands and designed to display your books, trophies or decorations. These fantastic units can be used in any room but are also a basic centrepiece in your study to make the most of the height of your room.

From our Cube and Cuba range are these fantastic desks. Able to support a PC, monitors and extra technological equipment such as keyboards and mouse, these desks are the ideal addition for any office scenario.

These exquisite desks work as a great way to fill up open space and as such can be placed beside a wall but also in the middle of a room.

The bedroom is a necessity in any household, for relaxing and sleeping. The products seen below are cleverly designed to accentuate your bedroom design and allow you to fully relax.

Our Cuba and Cuba ranges offer different sized bed frames that will suit your room. Bed frames act as a centrepiece and circle the attention towards itself. Because of this, our bed frames have to be the most excellent quality - which you will find in thee Cube products, such as the 5ft King frame above.

Again, from our Cube and Cuba category is a fantastic 3 drawer nightstand. These can be chosen in any of the 3 colours, with stainless steel handles or solid wood handles to perfectly compliment your cube bed frame.

There are also a range of other units you can introduce into your bedroom to complete the design.

These chests made out of Sheesham Wood are bound to fulfil your bedroom experience with an abundance of storage and style. With several drawer options and surface areas, each of these fantastic units can be implemented into your bedroom to really take advantage of the height and wall space.

The dining room is a place for the household to meet and enjoy dinners, games or studying sessions. That's why you need to view our extensive Sheesham dining variety to design your dream interior.

We are proud to offer many different dining room tables to comfortably host you and your household. From intimate 2 seaters to large 8 seaters, there are tables here for everyone to enjoy. There sleek design offers a premium atmosphere which is also sturdy and reliable.

Our Jali and Cube ranges are proud to display wooden chairs which are perfect for sitting and relaxing. Their high back allows for proper seated support, and their lavish designs give your dining room that added Indian flair.

Our dining tables can also be complimented with our fantastic variety of Fabric Dining Chairs which you can find HERE.

We hope you have enjoyed this buyers guide and learnt a little more about the history of Sheesham Wood, and how it has come to be a household name in many of our home designs.

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