Should I Repair My Air Conditioner? Or Is It Better to Buy a New One?

If the ac unit has some age on it you would be better off with a new one

1. Air conditioner freon leak. help me!?

More than likely the leak is occurring at one of the compression fittings on the A coil or it could be leaking at one of the soldered joints. I would not recommend just having it refilled and keeping your fingers crossed, because in all likelihood it will leak out even faster. Have a tech do a leak test on it. That way it will be fixed for good

2. Why is my outside air conditioner running when i have the heater on?

heat pump

3. Why does my air conditioner turn the heat on when it reaches the right temp and vice versa?

you need a new thermostat. digital thermostats are cheap, even free from some utility companies

4. Does running the air conditioner really reduce a car's gas mileage?

Myth busters tried this and the car with the windows used more gas. I would believe myth busters

5. Why is the air conditioner in my car only making that 'weird' smell when it's hot outside?

Probably mildew from the drain tube being clogged. Take it back and have them check it

6. What happens if you tilt an air conditioner on its side?

The coolant and oil move within the unit by gravity and turning it on its side will cause this to flow improperly. Running an air conditioner in this condition is a very good way to ruin it. If an air conditioner is even mounted in window where it is not level it will cease to function properly. I remember one time I sold a window unit to a friend, who then called me to complain it was not cooling. I went over to take a look and he had it in the window so it ws tilted down on the outside. I just leveled it and it worked fine after that. Has to be right side up and level.

7. Barely used air conditioner not blowing cold air?

Hello zela: First, make sure the thermostat is in the A.C. position, and that the setting is lower than the current room temperature. Is this a window unit, or whole-house A.C.? If whole house, check outdoor unit to make sure the circuit breaker (large 240V) is on, or the fuses are good. If still not working, you should call a pro.

8. How should I securely place an air conditioner in a standard first floor window?

For a standard install, the AC unit will be screwed into the sash and sill. Also, there will be an L bracket to secure the sash in place. If you want to be extra secure, once the unit is in, cut a piece of 1x2 long enough to fit between the top of the bottom sash and the top of the window frame and screw it in place.

9. Can I run my window unit air conditioner in the winter? (live in texas, rarely drops below 32 at night))?

You can use room air conditioners year round and as long as you need, that is common in tropical countries and that goes for Texas, But get it serviced at least once a year for efficiency and economy

10. What size air conditioner do I need to cool a two bedroom apartment?

615 sq ft times the height of the Ceiling gives You the Cubic Ft. Take that number and speak to the Sales Person and They will recommend a suitable AC unit for You

11. Is it normal to replace the receiver, dryer, & expansion value when getting an air conditioner compres?

Yes, it needs to be vacuumed, but did you find the leak?

12. My LG window Air Conditioner trips.what to do?

There is probably something causing the compressor to overheat. The thermal protection kick in and resets after it's cooled down. You need to find out what is causing this. The filter could be plugged. There could be dirt blocking the radiator fins. It could be low on coolant. Make sure the filter and heat exchanger are clean. If it stills trips you need to have it check by a service tech. It this is a window unit it may be cheaper to buy a new one rather than have this one repaired

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Is It Possible to Use a Portable Air Conditioner Through a Garage Door?
It will operate, but I would not hold up hope for much cooling. A garage wo not be insulated, the door wo not be sealed, so you will be trying to cool 'the great outdoors'.1. Do you know of a window/portable air conditioner that is safe in a child's room?Portable air conditioners stay inside your room leaving just a hole for ventilation through your window. Your window stays closed and there should be no danger of anything falling out either. Hope that helps.2. Is it safe to use and rest my laptop on a portable air conditioner?No but an AC has a huge magnetic field, BAD for hard drive!3. will rain hurt my soleus air portable air conditioner?All things are possible, grasshopper. Your biggest hurdle will be getting the heat from the condenser outside of the room you are trying to cool. You can build ductwork out of plywood or cardboard to an open window. Pull the fridge away from the wall put it in front of a window, and put a fan behind the fridge to move the heat. Build your ductwork to send the heat outside. Remove the doors from the fridge. Point the fan into the freezer area and turn the fan on full blast. Adjust the temperature dial in your reefer/freezer/room A/C to the mid-point. Unscrew the light bulb (do not want that heat load). A refrigerator runs constantly as it is. The more air you can get across the indoor and outdoor coils will help remove the heat from your room. Be aware that a refrigerator is only designed to remove the heat from a 14 sq ft box, so the smaller your room is, the cooler you can get it. It wo not be able to cool off a 1500 sq ft house, but it could cool a 100 sq ft room. It will start to condense the water from the air in the room (mostly from you sweating and breathing), and start to run out the bottom of the fridge. you might need to run a condensate line out the door. Also the ice in the freezer compartment will thaw out; this is a good thing, as it is absorbing the heat in the room. If more ice forms, move your fan closer to the freezer area. Let us know how it works out4. Does the fan need to run all time on a portable air conditioner?No. Most newer units have a power saver fan switch that cycles the entire unit off when the demand thermostat setting has been reached. It may be advantageous, however to leave a continuous fan enabled to maintain air mixing and circulation in the conditioned area. Additionally, by maintaining air circulation, temperatures are held to a more consistent temperature throughout. Lastly, the effect of air movement will help to cool between compressor cycles.Does the fan need to run all time on a portable air conditioner?5. Which type of portable air conditioner is best for an attic bedroom? A portable floor unit? Or a window unit?A floor unit must have the heated side vented out some how or you will be just heating and cooling the same air in circles6. What is the best type of portable air conditioner to put in an apartment that has sliding windows (sideways, n?no kit that i ever heard of yet you are able to take the two abode windows out and positioned it in yet you wil ought to build some form of bracing to hold it. this is carried out, I even have,in case you recognize a thank you to construct issues7. How much does it cost to run a 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner?That will depend on several factors:The EER or SEER energy efficiency ratingTemperature and humidity in the spaceYour cost per kWh for electricity.Let's do an example for California:Most portable A/C units are about 10.0 EER (energy efficiency ratio). Let's assume your space is 70 degrees, with 50% RH. California is a very high cost, high tax, high regulation state, so electricity is about $0.40 kWh for many residents.A 10,000 BTU A/C unit will use 1,000 watts, or 1.0 kWh each hour. This is calculated by taking 10,000 (BTU) and dividing by 10. 0 EER (BTU /watt). This gives you 1,000 watts, so over 1 hour you will use 1 kWh (kilowatt/hour) which is the unit of energy billed by the power company. Look at your power bill for your average cost of electricity (ranges from $0.04 to $0.45 across the US), and that would be your hourly rate. In this example, a homeowner who pays an average of $0.40 per kWh, it would cost $0.40 per hour to run that 10,000 BTU air conditioner.How much does it cost to run a 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner?.
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