Should I Return My New Air Conditioner Again?

Wait half hour to see if there's an acceptable change in temperature. Do not stay in the room during this period because you will not notice the temperature change. Place a thermometer in the room (not in front of the a/c) and read the initial temperature. After half hour, it should read about 5 to 10 degrees lower than the initial temperature. Maybe the capacity of your a/c unit (5,000 to 8,000 BTU) can not cool your room. Choose an a/c unit with adequate capacity depending of the size of your room. Always transport the a/c in horizontal position. The compressor has oil inside and if it is turned upside during transport it will be damaged if turned on inmediately.

1. What is the funniest thing you have ever done?

Not me but my sister pulled my pants down in a grocery store in front of everyone! I was so embarressed!

2. How is it possible to lose passing yards in the NFL?

Say the quarterback is in the shotgun position about six yards behind the line of scrimmage. He throws a forward pass to a receiver standing two yards behind the law of scrimmage. The ball went forward four yards, so the pass is a legal forward pass. Say the ball is caught, but the receiver is tackled before advancing farther up the field. On this play, the quarterback threw for -2 passing yards. This play can also happen when the quarterback is under center and drops back. Also, say the quarterback throws to a receiver one yard in front of the line of scrimmage. Let's say that, in order to get past a defender, the receiver catches the ball and runs backwards to give himself room to go around the defender. If he runs backwards across the line of scrimmage and is tackled before crossing back again, the pass goes for negative yards. Also, in the NFL, when the quarterback is tackled behind the line of scrimmage before throwing the football, he is "sacked". In the NFL only (the NCAA is different) sacks count as negative passing yards

3. How does Audio work with Guitars in Concert?

I am having a bit of trouble understanding your question. So I will try and answer it as well as i understood it. In a live setting. The Mixer controls all the levels (volumes) of all the instruments and vocals. The amplify the guitar, a mic is used in front of the Guitar amp. I am not sure what you mean by scratchy... But these high quality Mic's can handle the sound of the amps and the mixer can control of the volume is to soft or too loud. I am not sure what you mean by the mixer recognizing the amp... but when you record onto a computer you have two options. You can put a mic in front of your amp, or you can plug in directly to the computer sound card, this can also be done using the line out on an amp.

4. dodge starter solenoid or wiring problem?

that is because the starter and the bat do not go onto the same are dealing with a glorified relay that relies on the ignition tumbler spring pressure to kick out the starter.if that doesnt happen,it just keeps cranking even while running,but thats not what you did. you have either the bat and the start wire on the same pole,or you have a start wire wired to the bat or start,or the actual relay is poop.wish i knew mopar wiring better,but i dont,im trying to envision the relay on the drivers fenderwell just in front of the mastercylinder,but am i missing something?will update,once i think a little

5. 94 chevy truck shuts down after hitting a bump and it wont start. Mechanic said its an electrical problem.?

with out having a wiring diagram in front of me, i would verify to make certain if the driving force and bypass. rear lighting fixtures furniture proportion the comparable floor, or have person grounds. Being a ninety 5, in the event that they have separate grounds, it incredibly is rusted/corroded in basic terms on that area.

6. Is there anyone here who has a tattoo?

I have quite a few tattoos and you will know if they are sterile and know what they are doing but letting you see it with your own eyes, you will see him put on a fresh set of gloves everytime he stops and touches something else, and that he is mind and sound, and that you see him pull out brand new items and actually rips open the brand new ones in front of you, stuff like that

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