Straight Outta Bed, Onto the Runway!

Who knew that pillows and bedsheets would one day be the biggest fashion trend? Not even Ye saw this one coming.We can all agree that the lockdown has revealed our laziest and most creative sides. The latest social media challenge to come out of quarantine is about creating a whole look around your bedding. The #pillowchallenge, which first gained heat on April 5 by and , has 'instagrammers' wearing bed pillows as mini balloon dresses — my huns did not forget to cinch in the waist and take bomb selfies. I could not be more prouder.But some people are taking it to another level by pairing their looks with daring oversized Gucci logo belts, Celine sunglasses and Dior saddle bags. Others are going for the dramatic ball gown look using white comforters and bedsheets instead of their standard pillows. The #pillowchallenge is behind other at-home fashion activities like #HomeCouture. See, below some of the cutest bedding looks so far

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8 ways to stop hay fever ruining your sleep

Are seasonal allergies ruining your sleep? For many hay fever sufferers, sleeping with the allergy can be problematic and frustrating, often leading to sleep deprivation. "More than 20% of the UK population suffer from allergies that can be triggered by a range of things in our bedrooms, including dust mites, mould and bacteria," Steve Adams, CEO at Mattress Online, says. "As online searches are increasing between midnight and four am for 'hay fever sleep', it suggests that many Brits are kept awake by our allergies." Some of the common hay fever symptoms include a runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing, ranging from mild irritation to more severe effects. If you are struggling to fall asleep soundly, take a look at some of the simple things you can do... 1. Dab petroleum jelly on your nostrils to trap pollen particles before you breathe it in. A small smear around the edge of your nostrils should do the trick. 2. Create a pollen barrier by throwing a spare sheet over your duvet during the day. 3. If you have pets, try to keep them out of the bedroom. Steve adds: "Keep pets out of the bedroom to reduce dust and allergens. If your pets do get onto your bed, run a wet rubber glove over your bedding to quickly collect the hair." 4. Wash your bedding once a week on a 60°C wash to kill pollen particles. If you find you are struggling to sleep, you could change your sheets more often. 5. Rinse your eyes and nose with fresh water before bed. 6. Tie back long hair when going to sleep to stop pollen falling onto your face. 7. Shut all your windows and doors to prevent pollen particles making their way from outside. During the summer months when pollen levels are high, keep your windows shut during the day, too. 8. Take an antihistamine half an hour before bed. Like this article? Sign up to our newsletter to get more articles like this delivered straight to your inbox. Looking for some positivity? Get Country Living magazine posted through your letterbox every month. SUBSCRIBE NOW You Might Also Like • None Everything you need to buy once and for all to eliminate single-use plastic from your life

diy garden party lights

I came across this picture on Martha Stewart Weddings a little while ago and it's got me inspired to create some of my own garden party decor. One of my favourite things about the warmer months (will winter ever end?!) is the chance to entertain outside, and nice lighting is key once dinner and drinks end and dusk slowly envelops the sky. These little hanging votives have such a charming look and they are so easy to create yourself. First, grab a few glass and wire tea light votives, however many you would like. I found these cute Mason jar-style ones at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Next, Buy a few rolls of thick, satin ribbon in whichever colour you like. I chose this baby pink option from Indigo as I thought its light colour would stay visible into the evening and would complement any garden party greenery. Measure and cut out a few different lengths of ribbon so that your lighting will be staggered. Loop the ribbon pieces through the candle holder handles and tie them in a neat bow on one end. Be careful to ensure that no loose ends hang too close to where the flame of the candle will be. Hang your creations from sturdy branches. When you are ready for mood lighting, simply light white tea lights and drop them inside the holders. The twinkling ambience will make it hard to convince your guests to leave! Have anymore great diy project ideas for garden parties? Tweet me !

The 10 Best Mattresses for Adjustable Beds in 2021, According to Sleep Experts

The Saatva Solaire is an adjustable air bed with six comfort layers, and sleepers can choose from 50 different firmness options—all accessible via a remote control. You can even customize the elevation settings based on how high you like to sit up in bed. With an innovative design that integrates high-quality latex and a supportive base, the Solaire excels at responding to movement. Plus, the brand's free white glove delivery service makes mattress setup truly painless. To buy: Saatva Solaire Mattress, $2,795, (Click to see exclusive offer) The Nectar combines all of the best traits of foam mattresses into one bed. Its plush feel lets you sink into the mattress while the stable base offers plenty of support for your spine. The bed's three dense memory foam layers cradle your pressure points and they are flexible enough to conform to an adjustable frame. To buy: , $799, (Click to see exclusive offer) The DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress that promotes proper spine alignment and gives you a plush surface to sleep on. When paired with an adjustable base, the DreamCloud's soft foam layers reinforce the mattress's pressure-relieving qualities for maximum comfort. This is a great pick for back and stomach sleepers who need a little extra support and a bed that wo not exacerbate back pain. To buy: , $999, (Click to see exclusive offer) The medium-firm Puffy mattress has an ultra-soft memory foam design. The cushy layers can easily mold to an adjustable base and they also excel at isolating motion, meaning that couples sharing a bed do not need to worry about disturbing each other during the night. The Puffy also has a gel memory foam layer that disperses heat, which is beneficial for both sex and sleep. To buy: Puffy Mattress, $1,150, (Click to see exclusive offer) If you lead an active lifestyle, an adjustable bed can help relieve sore muscles through various levels of incline. The Bear Hybrid mattress pairs well with different elevation settings because its bouncy coils flex with the adjustable frame to keep your spine aligned and your back supported. The bed also has thick foam layers that rest on top of the coils to cushion your joints and melt away any strain--a nice remedy after a long workout. To buy: , $1,356, (Click to see exclusive offer) The Casper Original is a memory foam mattress made with three targeted support zones that provide pressure relief and promote proper spine alignment no matter what position you choose to sleep in. The bed ensures that you are resting in a healthy posture all night long by using softer foam under the shoulders and firmer foam beneath the hips and back. It also scored a perfect 10 out of 10 in responsiveness, and when used with an adjustable base, the 12-inch thick foam profile will easily flex to fit the frame. To buy: , $1,095, (Click to see exclusive offer) If you frequently suffer from back pain, an adjustable base allows you to sleep on an incline, limiting pressure on your lower back and promoting a healthy sleep posture. By pairing the frame with an Amerisleep AS3, you can maximize those pain-relieving benefits. The memory foam mattress has a medium feel and it contains a dense foam base that keeps your spine in alignment so you can wake up feeling refreshed without any lingering aches. To buy: , $1,499, (Click to see exclusive offer) For side sleepers, an adjustable bed frame can help keep your spine in alignment, and with the Cocoon Chill mattress you will feel both supported and cushioned. This mattress features dense memory foam layers that are designed to adapt to your shape and provide pressure relief to your sides. Unlike most memory foam beds, the Cocoon Chill also has solid edge support, which provides extra stability. To buy: , $1,080, (Click to see exclusive offer)

Adjustable Bed Buying Guide • • Beds in West Sussex

No longer are adjustable beds just for those who may require a specific sleeping position for medical reasons. Long gone are the days of the enormous hospital beds with slow and noisy mechanisms. Today's adjustable beds are the ultimate in luxury and comfort; with contemporary designs and advanced technology making them the bed of choice for a wide range of people. How many times have you wanted to watch TV, read a book or just sit back on your bed; but the pillows you have stacked up just keep falling off and making your bed uncomfortable? Now imagine not having to worry about your 'pillow mountain', because you are in your adjustable bed. You can raise your upper body to the perfect position and get that comfort you were seeking with the stack of pillows. You can do all of this with just the touch of a button on your remote control. Can it get any easier than that…?

What Features Make For the Best Adjustable Bed Around?

THE KEY FEATURES TO LOOK FOR IN THE BEST ADJUSTABLE BEDS ASK YOURSELF: WHO MAKES THE PERFECT ADJUSTABLE BED FOR YOU? As anyone who has done some research can tell you, there are a lot of adjustable bases out there to choose from. Finding the best electric bed for you can be an involved process, but this article will help you consider some of the major factors to consider in your search. After examining the details of the frames themselves and the offers, you will begin to figure out the differences between various brands, and start seeing which are the highest quality or which will work with best for your particular situation. THE SUPERIOR ELECTRIC BED WILL STAND ON ITS OWN Some of the key questions to ask yourself or your bed dealer: how heavy is the base? Some of the better electric beds on the market might be made from better, heavier-duty materials, but if you move a lot, heavy might be hard to manage. What works for you? How loud is the motor? The motors available now are quieter than in the past, but look for sealed casings that will stay quiet and remove the need for lubrication or maintenance. Can the base be used with your existing headboard and frame? Or is it attractive enough on its own? Form can be as important as function. You should also look for a solid warranty where the details are spelled out, not blanket lifetime warranties. FOR THE ULTIMATE ELECTRIC BED, TOP IT WITH QUALITY MEMORY FOAM When considering the best in adjustable beds, pay close attention to mattress quality. Being able to raise the feet or shoulder positioning can greatly improve your sleep, but a bed is only as good as the quality of its mattress. Most important is where it's made. Surprisingly, most memory foam sold in the US is made in China, which breaks down after a few years and is not sanitary. When you get a high quality memory foam mattress to go with your adjustable bed, you get the best of both worlds - foam that bends to the contours of your spine, with a base that can adjust to the needs of your neck and muscles. The mattress ultimately determines the comfort of the bed itself.

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Bunkie Board Instead of Bed Slats with an Ikea MALM Platform Bed?
Are you making your own?, my son-in-law did that, the same as it sounds like you want, it worked out Great. Good Luck.1. How can i make a nice platform bed for cheap?Get up early on Saturday morning and go to garage sales. Every thing you need is there and cheap, a bed your looking for $20 maybe a little more, I have found some really nice things. As time goes buy and you can afford what you want, recycle and have your own sale!2. What kind of wood is the best and most inexpensive to use for building a platform bed for a california king?Pine or Douglass Fir3. I am working on a platform bed? Where can I buy oversize plywood? At least 60"X80"?if you have a good lumber yard nearby, you can special order there,99 ....they are called 'blows' if all else fails for you, purchase, 2 sheets of 1 1/8" T & G 4'x8' and glue & clamp them together and saw to desired dimensions.4. Does anyone here have a platform bed?My best friend has one and they hurt their shins. I also looked at a few at rooms to go and I banged my shin5. How To Build A Twin Platform BedWe have a guest that will be staying the night, a very messy guest room, and a twin mattress ... on the floor. I decided to get busy and Build A Twin Platform Bed with the thought that one of our kids could use it when they are off at college, renting a room off campus. Eventually, I would like to have a queen size bed in the guest room but this makes sense for now! This twin platform bed was pretty simple and inexpensive to build. It needed to be easy to disassemble so it could be hauled around easily and it needed to be inexpensive because ... this is not meant to be a family heirloom. Nope! It has a purpose to serve on a budget! This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through an affiliate link, we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Disclosure. Our twin size mattress dimensions are 37-1/2 x 73-1/2 x 11 and I built this bed to fit those dimensions. Adjust your cuts to accommodate your mattress size. Note: My cuts are 2-1/2 shorter than our mattress size. This is because the mattress partially sits on top of the 4 x 4 legs. if you choose not to use casters, adjust the cut of the legs. Our twin mattress has a hard bottom and needed less slats than our Naturepedic mattress did. How To Assemble The Twin Platform Bed This bed is actually pretty simple to build! Make your cuts, according to your mattress size, and sand each piece with 120 grit sand paper. With the Kreg Jig, drill three pocket holes in each end of your headboard and footboard panel. Pay attention to what side of the board you want to be visible and make the pocket holes on the opposite side. Next, attach the headboard and footboard panels to the legs with 2-1/2 pocket hole screws. I placed a 1 x 4 under each end of the panel so the panel would sit back a bit from the 4 x 4 leg instead of being flush. The top of the panel and the top of the legs are flush. The next picture will show what I mean! The headboard and footboard assembled. Pretty basic, right? Then, attach the bed rail hooks on each 4 x 4 leg. I attached mine 2-1/2 from the top and as close to the inside edge that I could, in order to leave room for the side rail. Oh my goodness! These are non-mortise bed rail hooks! I struggled with the mortise bed rail hooks I used on our King Size Farmhouse Bed so I was pretty stoked to find these bed rail hooks! Now it was time to attach the bed slat supports. To do this, I laid the 2 x 4 on the inside of the 2 x 10 side rail and placed my 2 x 2 on top so I would know where to attach the 2 x 4. We want the mattress to sit right on top of this platform bed. I used Kreg Clamps and 2-1/2 Deck Plus Screws to attach the bed slat supports. This part was a bit tricky. The bed rail hooks needed to be lined up just right so the bed rail would sit flush with the headboard and footboard. I laid the footboard and headboard on the ground with the hooks attached. Then, I had my husband hold the side rails up against it, where I wanted it to be, and marked the screw holes. I am glad I did it this way because the hooks sit back a bit on the bed rail in order to sit flush. I would not have known that if I had only measured the correct height. The bed rails were pretty easy to attach and it was all flush ... enough! I used Homemade Stain for my Twin Bed. After the bed was stained, I took it apart, laid the pieces on sawhorses, and finished each piece with a coat of wax. I then attached a caster wheel to each leg. After the wax was dry, I took the bed pieces into the guest room and reassembled it. This is where you would measure the inside dimension of your bed so you can cut your bed slats the proper width. I placed the bed slats and side rail blocks where they needed to go. Next, I attached each block to the side rail support by pre-drilling a hole and then used one self-sinking screw in each block. This was a bit tedious as I used my Kreg Clamp on each block to keep it from moving. We are happy with this simple Twin Platform Bed! It was easy and inexpensive to build and should be a good thing to have around when the kids say goodbye to dorm life and rent a room, when they are off at college. Of course, we are also quite happy that our guest will not have to sleep on a mattress, on the floor. How To Make Wood Stain With Common Household Products Fun DIY House Projects You Can Do Too!
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