The First Reported Fatal Accidents of Ice Bucket Challenges Are Coming in, so My Question Is...?

Some people do not have the common sense of what the word safety means ...slap it up them for throwing caution to the wind

1. ALS ice bucket challenge question... Do I have to be nominated by somebody to do the challenge?

Just donate...we are in a drought. No sense wasting clean water!

2. How can i buy some illuminated ice bucket from China?

quite good a question, i think you can source them from internet like google, then select one of your satisfied China company, i buy some last year for my shops too from a China company called Hua Lee Industry CO., LTD., you may talk them

3. Should people over 60 accept any ice bucket challenge?

I am 65 and just did the ice bucket challenge and aside from being cold and wet it was no big deal. The cold was momentary. I felt no shock at all

4. Did anyone else notice a lot of people doing the ice bucket challenge didn't actually use any ice?

I did not know Ur supposed to use actually ICE I thought it was just use cold water. But yeah I did not see anyone do with real

5. How come girls are wearing bikinis when they do the ice bucket challenge?

Idk cause they do not wanna get their clothes wet. But some girls did not like iisuperwomanii

6. Coworker uses ice in bucket for her Starbucks drinks, but the ice belongs to the lab. And since I work in the lab, I had to get more ice.?

Sure make a relatively small matter into a major one. That's always a good way to get along with the people you work with. If her supervisor told her to do it, you do realize that you will be going up against a department supervisor, right? I think if you were smart you would drop the whole thing.

7. Does the ice bucket challenge count if the person isn't donating money?

I think if you support a charity or foundation, just donate money...doing all of these challenges or 5k runs is pointless

8. Did anybody get cold feet about doing the ice bucket challenge?

Trump did. He did the challenge, but the 2 girls dumping the ice water looked scared sh*tless to get his hair wet..... so they just dumped the water in his lap........(he was sitting down) or perhaps, that was their cool him down.

9. Hi! So basically the ice bucket challenge is happening for ASL and I'm going to be nominated soon, I'm just curious on how to do it? Thanks!?

With with multi-year drought conditions in California, this is an incredible waste of water

10. Coworker uses ice in bucket for her Starbucks drinks, but the ice belongs to the lab. And since I work in the lab, I had to get more ice.?

Do not report it just yet to the supervisor. Try to resolve it with your co-worker. Let her know that you expect her to get her ice elsewhere and that your ice bucket is off limits. If it happens again, you can mention it to your supervisor. But try to go to your supervisor with a solution to the problem, not just with the problem

11. how much does a Davinci Grosseto Crystal ice bucket cost?

About $100.00. I found the price on google search

12. You've heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS, I propose a new challenge, the baldness challenge to raise awareness of the curse of male?

No way. I am over 50 and still have a lustrous head of hair that I lord over my balding friends. They may be skinnier or more fit or more successful than I am, but I always make sure to run my hands through all my hair when I am around them!

13. How many jelly beans will fit in a tervis tumbler ice bucket?

In my house none as the kids will get there first

14. How to do the ICE bucket challenge ? What things are required ?

All you need is a bucket with some ice cold water, a video camera and to call out three friends to do it and they have to do it within the next 24 hours of being dared

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