Tiny Apartment Smaller Than Snooker Table Listed for Rent in London

The property has been refurbished and is listed for nearly $850 a week. Picture: Hunters.Source:SuppliedIF YOU thought finding a rental in Australia was tough, take a look at what the Brits are paying to live in. A tiny studio apartment in London's Knightsbridge measuring around eight square-metres has been listed for rent at nearly $850 per week.The all-white home which is smaller than a full-size snooker table but technically a "penthouse", according to the marketing literature, sits on the 10th floor of a block opposite famed department store Harrods.It was bought by an international businessman three years ago and transformed by Portuguese architect Caiano Morgado into a luxury crash-pad that includes a couch that doubles as a bed, plus a fold-out dining table.Tall people need not apply. Picture: Hunters.Source:SuppliedA Portuguese architect was employed to overhaul the design for the tiny space. Picture: Hunters.Source:SuppliedHunters Director Matthew Fine said demand for the Princes Court property had gone "mad" as it's a true five-star design in an area where people can pay hundreds of dollars a night for a top hotel."It's bang opposite Harrods. Someone can use as an office, a studio flat or a dining room. Our client spent a lot of money refurbishing it," he said."It's near all the gentleman's clubs, all those kind of places. It's gone mad today. We're doing block viewings over the next week."In 2012 when he first sold the property Mr Fine said it was the smallest in London he has seen and he was able to "stand in the middle of the room and touch the walls".Now, the "plush" makeover means "it's a bit different to your cupboard under the stairs.""Yes there have been other flats in the building, but not with this finish. This is so unique ... it's like offering a five-star room outside of a hotel," Mr Fine said.At least with its prime location near Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park and Wikileak's founder Julian Assange's bolthole in the Ecuadorean Embassy, it scores near-perfect marks for "walkability".Moira Geddes explains why you should rent where you want to live and buy where you can afford.London has been ranked the third most expensive city in the world to buy property by agency Knight Frank, beaten only by Hong Kong and Monaco in terms of dollars for space.Minibar not included. Picture: Hunters.Source:Supplied

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Purchasing a New Dining Table Set
Purchasing a new dining table set can be the perfect way to enhance your dining area. It is important to keep a lot of factors in mind when purchasing a new dining room table.Dining tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. It is important to keep in mind that in order for the table to enhance the appearance of your home that it should adequately match your other furniture, your carpet, floor, wallpaper, etc. A mismatched dining table can make your dining area look awkward and detract from the appearance of your home.A variety of materials is used to construct dining room tables. These include wood, glass, and other materials. It is important that the dining room table matches your other furniture. For example, if the rest of your furniture is wooden, a glass dining room table would look awkward and would likely make your dining area look rather hideous.If possible, a dining table should be purchased as a set. This will help ensure that both the table and chairs match the rest of the home's design scheme. If chairs are purchased separately, one should make sure that the chairs adequately match both the table and the rest of the design scheme for the home.Practicality should be taken into consideration when purchasing a dining set. The chairs should be both fashionable and comfortable. It is hardly useful to have fashionable chairs that cause discomfort when sitting in them, since they will serve little purpose except being a decorative item for the home.Quality of construction should also be taken into consideration when purchasing a dining set. A poorly constructed dining set, even if it looks great in the home, will lead to costly repairs, or even worse, replacement of the dining set, being necessary. Replacing an entire dining set is costly, and this is easily avoidable by keeping in mind the construction quality prior to purchasing the set.If a glass dining table is chosen, it is important understand how to appropriately care for the table. One major concern regarding glass dining tables is how to avoid getting scratches on them. One way to avoid getting scratches is to use placemats. Make sure that these placemats also match the color scheme of the home. Table runners can also be used. Table runners are a piece of fabric that is decorative that covers the table. Also, trivets can be used. These are used for placing hot items out on the table. Without these, the table can easily become scratched, or even worse, can crack due to the excess heat.By following the above guidelines, purchasing a new dining table can be an exciting and fairly easy experience. It can help set the mood for your home and provide an important use for your home. Regardless of what type of dining set is purchased, it is important to make sure that it is fashionable, matches other furniture and items in your home, and after the purchase, it is important to take action to avoid damage to the dining set.
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