Tips/ Questions for the Perfect French Style/wardrobe?

I know in Japan for instance, they love the LV logo would bag, but when you are in Paris, the only ones shopping at LV are tourists

1. How do I paint my nails "french style"?

Get the light pink nail polish and paint your nail and then get some white nail polish and paint the tips of your nails

2. How do I get Libertine Libertine in math mode historical ligatures french-style?

Here's an attempt; lowercase and uppercase Greek letters are upright, as uppercase Latin letters in math. Everywhere the Libertine font is used, which might give poor results in some cases, as its sidebearings are not really good for math

3. Where do I find frozen french style green beans in US ?

warehouse or wholesale bldgs. and they are cheaper by the case anyway

4. elegant french style teen room?

I've seen a lot of stuff like that at target. I've found that you find more stuff if you look on the internet instead of just the store. You can also just google what you are looking for. I do that a lot when I am trying to find unique clothes and other stuff, and a lot of times the websites to cute little boutique or specialty shops show up that you never would've known about otherwise. Good luck and I hope I helped you out:)

5. Help for a French style dinner?

All I know is they've got fries, toast, and those little mini pankcakes. Whatever you make, it will probably be skinny and smoke cigarettes.

6. a classic 'french' style chic outfit for juniors, that i can buy online.. links?

well, i do not really know your style or price range, so i can not link you anything directly... but i do know that french people tend to wear a lot of black or neutral colours (especially parisians) along with a splash of colour in an accessory like a scarf. lots of scarves. even in summer. when i went to blois this summer on an exchange trip nearly every young person wore some type of a dark jacket along with jeans. they also dress up a bit more than we do for school over here, one of the girls i talked to who spoke very good english wore a pale pink dress of some sort with a vintage-looking necklace and a grey cardigan. lots of girls wore skirts and nylons along with heels as well

7. Where can I find a French-style butter dish/keeper in the UK?

French Butter Keeper

8. Why don't we have a French-style system of nuclear reactors providing America with cheap electricity?

Coal is much cheaper short-term

9. My husband and I want to buy a decent coffee maker-he prefers a percolator whilst I veer towards the French style cafetieres. Which if either is best?

Like the other suggestions, you can always get both. A French press is inexpensive and can serve you well for a few cups at a time. It's all a matter of your personal taste, but many coffee experts consider coffee made through a percolating method to be over extracted and thus bitter. One of my favorite coffee makers is the Bonvita BV1800. It's one of a handful of coffee makers recomended by the specialty coffee association of America. It's also fairly reasonable at around $160. It brews at the ideal temperature of around 198-200 degrees with a brew time of 4 minutes and has a simple one button operation and easy clean up. Specialty Coffee Association of AmericaMy husband and I want to buy a decent coffee maker-he prefers a percolator whilst I veer towards the French style cafetieres. Which if either is best?

10. Any ideas of decorating a French Style bedroom?

to get the look of french boudoir mix colors and finishes. Great example black bombe chest (link below). Definitely invest in quality stand out dressing table and over sized mirror. Candlesticks, chandelier, if space allows love seat, armoire

11. What kind of condiments could be added to French style green beans?

2pt butter 1pt lemon juice 1pt sherry wine

12. Can I use French Style Cut green beans in green bean casserole?

Yes any green beans will work...from canned to fresh even frozen

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