TTX the More Playful Table Tennis

IntroductionTTX is the new form of Table Tennis marketed by ITTF.This is what TTX promises to be like:Simple and funUnpredictable outcomeFor young people and youthful peopleComes to you instead of the other way aroundConnecting exercisers with sports professionalsNew equipmentThis differs from conventional Table Tennis:Bigger and heavier balls, to enable outdoor play as wellBats with no friction (no rubber), to make spin less importantNew rulesThese rules differ from conventional Table Tennis:2 minutes sets (games), that is, time-bound sets with sudden death if necessary — as long as the serve is made before the buzzer, the point will be consideredIf a player gets 10 points within the 2 minutes, he or she wins the setThe winner of the last point will continue to serve until they lose the pointThe player who loses a set will start to serve the next setFreestyle serves allowed, so serve as you like — there are no set rules for how to serve — but the ball must still bounce once at your side of the table, just as in conventional Table Tennis2 points for a "winner", that is when you win without the opponent touches the ball at the receive2 points for "wildcard", that is when the server shouts "wildcard" before service, and wins the ball (only one "wildcard" per set allowed)4 points when "wildcard" and "winner" are combinedIn the event of time-wasting by any player, the umpire may award any number of points to the opponent, at his/her own discretionSpecifically for doubles:Server can serve from/to anywhereAnyone from the opposite end can choose to receiveDiscussionMy first question was — will TTX even be adopted at bars? But then I reconsidered — perhaps TTX will be perfect for schools and youth leisure centers?And what about Table Tennis? Will TTX really bring more people to the conventional Table Tennis training halls?Will we get TTX competitions and TV shows comparable to the WCPP sandpaper ping pong games?What do you think about TTX — good or bad? success or failure?Main referenceTTX Table Tennis XTable tennis, but not as you know it. We are bringing the game to you anytime, anywhere. ttx. world.

Has tennis lost it's charisma?

Tennis lost it's charisma a long time ago. Much like most professional sports, the majority of the big name players are more concerned about their public/corporate images than letting the fans see/hear what they really think. Watch any cliche filled interview on the sports channel of your choice for proof. It's hard to pick a big name in any major sport that really speaks their mind or plays with their heart on their sleeve the way the old John McEnroe types did. When the corporate $$ disappear if you do not toe the line, it would appear as though you toe the line. Mens tennis in particular has been ruined by the advent of high tech equipment resulting in far too many matches being decided because one player can serve a gazillion mph every time. No one wants to watch an ace-athon which is why women's tennis is more entertaining than mens. The skirts help too. LOL

Tennis quotes for team shirt/sweats!?

Well I dunno if its what you are looking for but Rafa Nadal once said: "I need defeat to add value to my victories"

help getting a tennis scholarship with no ranking?

It is very tough for players who have junior rankings because of the dearth of scholarships for programs and the recruiting oftentimes is focused on the tennis academies, where players attend classes, practice the game at a world-class level and participate in the top junior tournaments. And most programs do not hold open tryouts/tournament for walk-ons to possibly gain a spot on the team. Again, there just are not that many slots open on collegiate teams.

Tennis section games - PART 6! :) ?

Well im not the biggest fan of running..But since it is sprinting then we got it. Im pretty fast, and its only a short distance so Novak wont get tired. Are outfits are lime green ahaha

tennis racquet?

you couldnt get more wrong i play tennis in a leage in norwich and i use the prince ozone 7 and i think its a great bat with incredible success

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