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Energy Kinetics Installation Expenses: What You Need To Know

Your home's heating system is essential for safety, comfort, and health. Therefore, it is vital for your well being. You can attest to this if you have ever experienced a heating system breakdown during winter.

Unfortunately, all heating systems eventually reached the end of their lifespan. When this occurs, the unit may breakdown frequently until repairs are no longer possible. If you have an older system, the challenging part is knowing when to replace the unit to avoid a complete breakdown.

However, replacing an outdated, inefficient system with a newer model may at first appear to be an overwhelming and expensive endeavor. Nevertheless, it is still crucial to know when an upgrade is needed. It will prevent you from having to go without heat during the cold weather.

Boiler Upgrade: What You Need To Know

Below is some relevant information about how to know when your boiler requires a replacement. Be sure to do so before you experience a complete breakdown. In this article, we discuss the various aspects that influence a boiler installation. Also, we also cover the expense of an Energy Kinetics replacement.

Your heating system may be on its way out if you notice your energy bills rising. If this is the case, you can install an energy-efficient model to replace an old, outdated system. Subsequently, you can save a significant amount of money on your energy bill.

Determining The Age Of Your Boiler System

If you are unsure of when you purchased your heating system, a new unit may be in order. This claim is particularly true if you have been living in the same house for a considerable length of time.


Additionally, if the heating system has rust on it or you notice a yellow flame, soot, or visible cracks, a technician should be called at once.

Hot And Cold Areas In Your Dwelling

You may need to replace your boiler if it takes a substantial amount of time for specific areas of your home to get warm. Also, a replacement is necessary if certain rooms of your house always seem colder than others.

You may need to replace your boiler if it is noisy. A heater does not buzz, rattle or hum if it is functioning correctly. Also, if your heating system requires frequent repairs, you may be better off investing in a new unit. Continuous repairs will quickly add up.

If members of your home seem to be getting sick more often, the problem may be your heating system. Faulty heating systems often create dry air in a home. They also fail to distribute heat properly. These issues can result in more sick and cold days. Plants and pets may also be affected by air that is excessively dry. To learn more about when to upgrade your boiler, click here.

At PFO Heating & Air Conditioning, the price of installing an Energy Kinetics boiler may run anywhere from $10,500-$12,500, depending on a variety of factors, including the following:

The cost of the unit is affected by the boiler size, as larger boilers usually cost more than their smaller counterparts. Nevertheless, it is essential to select a boiler that is large enough to heat the home in a cost-efficient manner.

Just like any appliance, there are different brand boilers available on today's market, featuring various quality levels and different prices. Homeowners should always consult a professional. This way, they can choose a boiler that is energy efficient and has the features they need, for a price they can afford.

Energy Kinetics is a top-of-the-line boiler brand. These boilers may be a bit more expensive than low-quality brands. However, many HVAC experts and customers find that an Energy Kinetics boiler is an excellent choice when it pertains to the boiler's expected lifespan, efficiency, and overall home comfort.

Special Features That Come With The Boiler

The cost of a boiler is also affected by its features. Advanced boilers with higher efficiency and extra features are typically more expensive than basic models.

Boilers with high-efficiency ratings are typically more expensive than those with low ratings. However, consumers save money in the long run with such models. High-efficiency units have advanced features to help customers maintain a lower energy bill and ultimately save money.

Although the price of the boiler is separate from the installation, consumers should give thought to installation costs before making a purchase. Even the best boilers will not perform appropriately if they are incorrectly installed. For this reason, it is always wise to consult a reputable HVAC company, such as PFO Heating & Air Conditioning before making a final decision.

Why Energy Kinetics Is Recommended by PFO Heating & Air Conditioning

Homeowners searching for a new heating unit should consider an Energy Kinetics boiler installed by a professional from PFO Heating & Air Conditioning. In this way, they can make sure they get the best value for their money.

When an upgrade is needed, there are many reasons homeowners prefer Energy Kinetics heating systems. This brand is an industry leader. Their systems offer quiet operation and can lower fuel costs by up to 40% while guaranteeing ample amounts of hot water on demand.

Additionally, residentially installed units come with a lifetime warranty. Therefore, Energy Kinetics stands by their products. There are also many other aspects that indicate Energy Kinetics systems are the perfect choice when you require a new boiler for your home.

For example, Energy Kinetics dealers are qualified technicians who know how to inspect and install systems with great skill. The warranty is outstanding and runs for the lifetime of the unit. On some models, it even includes a decade of labor allowance.

All Energy Kinetics systems are proudly made in the United States, which means a lot to us, as well as to our customers.

The Energy Kinetics line has been in business for 40 years and is family owned. The objective of the company is to make home heating and hot water both comfortable and affordable.


Our NATE-certified techs have the experience, knowledge, and skills to service your system adequately. Our highly trained technicians can assist you in finding a top-notch boiler, such as an Energy Kinetics boiler, that will increase the efficiency and comfort level of your home.

We proudly offer the most competitive prices on the market for boiler replacements, regardless of the type of fuel you use. We prioritize our customers' comfort and satisfaction.

To schedule a free consultation or service appointment today, call PFO Heating & Air Conditioning.

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