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An Introduction to work table

Club Sportiv Gloria Reia, commonly known as CS Gloria Reia, or simply as Gloria Reia, was a Romanian professional football club based in Reia, Cara-Severin County. The club was originally established in 1951 and was the second most powerful club of the city, after CSM Reia. Gloria was dissolved in 2014, due to lack of financing.

The "white and blues" have represented Govndari neighborhood of Reia and had over time important rivalries with other local sides such as CSM Reia or Muncitorul Reia. Gloria was for most of its history a second and third tier side, then during the 1990s achieved its best form (4th place) and was considered as a regular second division member, especially under the management of Victor Roca.

History of work table

Reia's second team (19511998)CS Gloria Reia was established in 1951, in the Govndari neighborhood of Reia and its colors were white and blue. Gloria was for most of its life the second club as importance in the city, after CSM Reia. The team based in Govndari promoted for the first time in the national competitions (Divizia C) at the end of the 197475 edition, period in which the football from the city was in one of its best moments, with CSM as a top-flight member since 1972. In the next six seasons, Gloria consolidated its position and obtained in generally top-table rankings: 4th (197576), 11th (197677), 8th (197778), 5th (197879), 4th (198081) and 8th (198182).

At the end of the 198283 season, Gloria won the 9th series of the Divizia C and promoted to Divizia B, for the first time in its history. During that season, Gloria won 18 matches, registered 3 ties and 9 loses, table line that resulted in a well deserved first place, with 2 points ahead of CFR Arad and 5 points ahead of Minerul Anina and oimii Lipova.

Since 1982, Gloria started to develop an interesting local rivalry against CSM Reia, team that relegated in 1978 from the top-flight. At the end of the first season of second tier for Gloria, the team based in the Brzava Meadow was ranked 10th, with two points behind CSM (7th), but also far away from the relegation zone. In the next two seasons, Gloria was ranked 13th (198384) and 17th (198485), while CSM was ranked 3rd in both seasons. The 17th ranking brought also the relegation for "the white and blues", but who would be promoted again in the summer of 1987, after winning the 7th series of the Divizia C with 1 point ahead of Minerul Motru.

The next 11 years was Gloria's most prolific period. "Reienii" fought for surviving in the first years after promotion, but then, during the 1990s CSM promoted in the first tier (with two occasions) and Gloria demonstrated that could be a very tough opponent at the level of the second tier, especially in the years in which the club was managed by its former player Victor Roca. After the first two seasons, Gloria settled in the middle of the second division table and at the end of the 199091 edition achieved an unexpected 6th place. Since 1992, Roca was named as the manager, appointment which coincided with CSM's promotion in the first league. With a top-flight team based in Reia, Gloria had also much more opportunities to develop and at the end of the 199293 season, Govndari's team obtained its best ranking ever, 4th place.

The fall of Gloria (19982014)In the next seasons, Gloria return to the middle of the table and after a tough battle for avoiding the relegation during the 199596 season, finally returned to the third tier in 1998, after a weak season, in which they were ranked 18th of 18. The season in which the team relegated after 11 years of constant presence at the level of Divizia B coincided with the departure of Victor Roca, who was promoted as the manager of CSM Reia in 1997. Gloria struggle to promote back, but instead of a promotion, Govndari's team relegated in the fourth tier at the end of the 200001 edition, for the first time in the last 26 years. The "white and blues" promoted again in 2004, but relegated after only one season.

During the 2000s, the football clubs based in Reia, as the city itself, suffered important economic losses. Reia was well known in Romania for its iron plants, TMK Reia and UCM Reia, plants the went in financial difficulties during this period. The dissolution of the plants affected almost irreversible the city's economic life and thus the economical life of the football clubs. Local football rivalries in Reia were interesting over time, but not as bitter as in other cities. In fact the clubs worked in a pyramidal system, with CSM Reia as the top club (1st and 2nd tier), Gloria Reia as the second club (2nd and 3rd tier) and Muncitorul Reia as the third club (mainly in the 3rd tier). During the 2000s CSM was dissolved, the re-founded and in the early 2010s played in the fourth league, CSM's fall brought with it also the fall of Gloria and Muncitorul.

After a last season spent at the level of Liga III, during the 201112 edition, Gloria relegated back at county level, played another season, then the senior squad was dissolved. The youth teams played one more season, subsequently the club disappeared definitive in 2014.

Ground of work table

Gloria Reia played its home matches on Gloria Stadium in Reia, Cara-Severin County. The stadium is located in the Govndari neighborhood and has a capacity of 5,000 people, the 2nd largest arena in Reia and Cara-Severin County, after Mircea Chivu Stadium.

Since 2014, the stadium was abandoned and reached an advanced state of degradation. In 2016, Municipality of Reia came into possession of the stadium after a lawsuit with the Recons Company, the company which privatized one of the old plants, claiming the stadium as well. The Municipality of Reia remedied the more serious problems and re-introduced the stadium in the football circuit, youth teams of CSM Reia and other lower division clubs are playing here now.

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