Using Conditional Formatting to Highlight Data in New Table That Matches Data in Separate Table

EXPLANATION OF BAD FORMULAThe extra formula starting with a second = is the same as wrapping the entire formula with AND( , ).This Formula does not work because it checks to see if E6 matches any cell in E6 thru E of the referenced sheet and then also checks if B6 matches any cell in A6 thru A of the referenced sheet. Once it finds the first match in the reference sheet, it does NOT use the same row in the range of the second MATCH function.=MATCH(search_key, range, [search_type])Example: =MATCH(A6,B1:B100,0)Using MATCH in a Conditional Format will return True or False.DISCLAIMERI wrote the answer for a different sheet than the one listed in the original question. If using link provided in the question for the spreadsheet, the answer is meant to be applied to what would normally be considered Sheet1.ANSWERApply to Range: E6:EFormat Cell if...: Custom FormulaFormula: =AND(NOT(FILTER(INDIRECT("'6 Star Gear Sets (Hidden)'!D$6:D"),INDIRECT("'6 Star Gear Sets (Hidden)'!A$6:A")=B6)=E6),E6"")Formating Colors Text Color: NoneBackground Color: Light Red=FILTER(range, condition1, [condition, ...)Example: =FILTER(A1:A100,B1:B100=C1)The FILTER( , ) function needs to be used instead of the MATCH( , , ) function. FILTER( , ) references the cell(s) from the range whos row(s) matches the condition(s).=INDIRECT(cell_reference_as_string, [is_A1_notation])Example: =INDIRECT("Sheet2!A1:B")The INDIRECT( ) function has to be used because the reference sheet can not be referenced directly.=B6 has to be added to condition1 so that only the value in the range are referenced whos row matches the condition1. This finds which cell in range A6 thru A in the reference sheet matches B6. Only 1 cell is returned because A6 thru A in the reference sheet are unique.$ needs to be added in front of the row in both the range and condition in order for them NOT to change as the Conditional Format Rule goes down each cell to apply the condition to. (Something I failed to do in the original formula.)Add the FILTER( , ) function and the range. '6 Star Gear Sets (Hidden)'!D$6:D returns the contents of D6 thru D of the referenced sheet that is on the same row as 6 Star Gear Sets (Hidden)'!A$6:A found in condition1.=E6 has to be added to the end of FILTER( , ) so that the formula checks to see if E6 matches the resulting contents of the cell found from D6 thru D of the referenced sheet. Because it is a Conditional Formating Rule, the result of the FILTER is either True or False, thus applying the Format if it is True and NOT applying the Format if it is False.=NOT is added because we want True to actually be False and False to actually be True. We are trying to Format the cells that are not True of the FILTER( , ) we are using.=AND( , ) and E6"" has to be added so that it does NOT format every cell in column E that is blank. =AND( , ) in this case states that not only does the FILTER( , ) must be true, but also E6"". E6"" just states that E6 is not BLANK.

1. how to import employees table?

complicated issue. look in google. this will help!

2. Should table rows be numbered?

it depends on the table and the number of rows.Numbering rows allows a user in a large data set the ability to visually anchor themselves within the data. This is particularly useful when you have pagination. However; row number breaks down very quickly when the user sorts the results within the data set. The number then loose context and can actually add to overall user frustration.I find that numbering rows is best used for infinite scrolling tables. I honestly however stay away from them as they cover up a larger issue which is good table search, filtering and setting the user up for success when locating key information

3. Is it safe to give a dog table food?

pizza and fruit snacks are not appropriate for your dog. He will develop a weight problem if you treat him like a trash can. He begs because you've trained him to. That's why people do not feed their dogs from the table. If you want to feed your dog people food an appropriate recipe would be to boil chicken breast in low sodium chicken broth, and then you can steam some broccoli and cook some brown rice in the broth as well. Chop the chicken and broc up well and mix everything together. the protein should be the largest portion in the bowl. NO salt in your dog's food. Dogs love yams too.

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