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Bed risers are pieces of metal, plastic, or wood that have been formed to fit into the feet of your bed frame. Their purpose is to lift the bed frame up high enough off of the floor so that you will be able to slide storage containers underneath your bed. If you think about it, there is a lot of space that isn't being used underneath your bed. Bed risers are a great way to utilize that space especially when you are running out of closet space. Bed Risers come in three types of materials wood, metal, and plastic: Typically, bed risers can be stacked on top of each other. This is beneficial in case the height of one bed riser isn't enough to raise your bed to the height needed to store things below it. When people buy bed risers one of their concerns is safety. People are typically afraid that their bed will be unstable when it is sitting on top of bed risers. If this is a concern of yours I suggest you read different reviews online for the bed risers. However, the best way is going to be just to test yourself. I have wooden bed risers like the one in th picture. The first thing I did after I placed my bedframe on my bed risers was to jump onto my bed. When I landed on my bed it didn't budge an inch, so I was satisfied that the bed frames were stable enough. Bed risers vary in cost depending on the type of material and where you buy them. The wooden bed risers I bought were sold in a package of four and was about $25. I've seen plastic bed risers come in a package of four for $5. The most expensive bed risers I have seen are the clamp on style bed risers which came in a set of four for $90. You can typically find bed risers at stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, and Bed Bath and Beyond. You can also order it from each of the stores websites along with websites like Ebay and Amazon. I would highly recommend you try out bed risers. They are a great way to get extra storage space underneath your bed.

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