What Are Some Benefits From Eating Family Meals at the Dinner Table?

My family does not often do this. =] We eat together, but usually in front of the TV because we eat late. (usually around 8:30 because my dad cooks dinner and he gets home around 7:30.) However, eating at a table is nice because it: Instigates conversation. Creates a close environment for people to bond. Gives you time to enjoy your family's company. Is one of the rare times when all of the family can be together. Helps people appreciate what families do for each other. Helps you learn how your family member's days were. Sorry, these are all I could come up with. I am sick, so my brain is not fully on. =[

1. Do u ever sit with ur legs up at the dinner table cause its comfier?

All the time, even when I am eating out

2. Would you say something if he picked his nose at dinner table?

It depends on how well I knew him and what type of relationship I had with him. If I did say anything and I am thinking I probably would. I would do it when others were not present to hear. I would also not invite him back as this is not only extremely rude behavior on his part it is unsanitary and disgusting

3. Why is it that I would rather punch babies than sit at a dinner table and listen to people eat?

It could be that you are an egotist or just very self-centered. What about your annoying habits? We all have them. Tolerance is what you need. My ex-boyfriend complained to me about something with eating and the fork. He said that a friend of his from the north did that too. It did not bother me that he brought it up. It was his manner that really offended me and made me angry. It was the contemptuous tone. I wanted to walk up and leave. Rude. It was absolutely uncalled for. First, I did not realize I was doing that. Second, I would change. It's not a big deal. That's why I was and still am p'od. edit: You could always eat by yourself away from people. Is it noisy eaters that bother you? I think everyone is bothered with noisy eaters. My ex-bf was in a horrible mood the entire time of my visit. It's probably why it really hurt me. I just can not stand rudeness like that. It felt like a betrayal actually. edit: Thinking some more, if it's the noisy eaters or it's just a habit, you could ask the offender if they could alter their ways? Just be tactful. No need to be rude. Just make a request.

4. How do you stop a dog from begging for food at the dinner table?

Welcome to the world of poodles. They all do it. You might try adding other food to her diet. We mix a little raw hamburger and vegtables and ours loves it

5. In China is it good manners to burp at the dinner table?

It's a compliment in some countries

6. Do you think it's OK to give birth at the dinner table?

not when people are eating!

7. How do you get your dog from begging for food when you are at the dinner table?

ignore the begging, dont even look at them. or put them in another room while you are eating, out of sight out of mind

8. Poll: Where does your family eat dinner, at the table or in front of the TV?

The bar area between Kitchen and living room...!!!

9. Should a stay at home mom make sure house clean kids are quite & dinner is on table before husband gets home?

And a woman with children and a husband are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I would like to see most men do the work women do. Stop whining. What do you call a woman who works as hard as a man? LAZY.

10. When dating: What can you learn about a man at the dinner table?

if you are eating at a restaurant, see how he treats the wait staff. you can tell alot about a person by how he treats people in the service industry. if he is a jerk to them, you can bet he is a jerk in real life!!.

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How to Teach Image Processing and Computer Graphics to a Blind Student?
How to Teach Image Processing and Computer Graphics to a Blind Student?
How to teach image processing and computer graphics to a blind student?I think you can teach 2D graphics using a tactile approach on a phone or tablet. Students are very likely to be used to tracing their fingers over a mobile device (I have watched awesome videos of blind iPhone users in action).So position and shape change of an object could be detected by them dragging their fingers over to get auditory feedback at the edges. Ideally you want a truly tactile surface but I do not know of any such devices. I have my own reasons for wanting a computer-controlled version of one of these For actual image processing maybe map colours to tone, so as they move their finger over an image they hear a tone vary depending on the average pixels underneath. Then, as transforms are applied, the tones would change. You could possibly teach colour theory by varying the mapping to only one channel of RGB.Update in one of those great examples of synchronicity, a few days after writing the above I was listening to Matthias Tretter of MindNode on a podcast mention how he had been convinced to add accessibility to MindNode, a visual mindmapping product by a blind user. His blog posting has videos showing VoiceOver in action. This is a bit tangential to the original answer but a nice anecdote about how preconceptions about the intended purpose of a tool as being visual does not rule it out for blind users— — — — — —Image processingUS 6137498 also granted as EP 0852363 - (Main article: Photographic mosaic)Robert Silver's patent on his photographic mosaicing technique. The UK part of the European patent is currently undergoing revocation proceedings, the results of which may be important in comparing the practice of the UK Patent Office with that of the European Patent Office.US 6384822 (Main article: Shadow volume)A patent covering the technique commonly known as Carmack's Reverse.— — — — — —Quantum image processingQuantum image processing (QIMP) is primarily devoted to using quantum computing and quantum information processing to create and work with quantum images . Due to some of the astounding properties inherent to quantum computation, notably entanglement and parallelism, it is anticipated that QIP technologies will offer capabilities and performances that are, as yet, unrivaled by their traditional equivalents. These improvements could be in terms of computing speed, guaranteed security, and minimal storage requirements, etc. .— — — — — —What are True Positive and False Positive with reference to image processingA ,,true'' positive would be an image that has a property (in the context of face detection maybe: ,,contains a face'') and that is recognized by a program as such. A ,,false'' positive then is one that does not have the property but is recognized anyway— — — — — —How is the digital image processing of photographs related to bitmapped painting ?I love this LC! One of my faves by you. The idea of pictures and photography of humans remains selfish in a way. A photo never captures the moment. People always stand together, arms on one another, making their perfect camera smile, but you still do not understand the truth of what was happening at that moment. So on the opposite end, I propose this: we should take pictures of all memories. If you are at a party and someone is angry and crying, take a pic! That is the truth we should try to remember--not just the happy times but rather all of the moments of our lives— — — — — —If I were to test my concepts and knowledge of the image processing domain, what questions should I ask to myself?Try to think in terms of problems at low level, mid level and high level vision. How to denoise? How to detect edges? Basics of JPEG. How does the hough transform work? Internals of image descriptors like SIFT. Basics of camera model. Someways to achieve image segmentation. How is image/scene recognition being addressed?Also, pose yourself real-world/toy problems and see how you will go about solving them. How will you find the salient segment of a video, for example— — — — — —where can i download text book "Digital Image Processing" by Gonzalez R. C & Woods R.E.,?There is no free and legal place to download this textbook. I suggest you check used textbook stores and purchase a legal copy. Unless the author AGREES to work for free, it is not LEGAL. Few authors can afford to give their work away for free.
When Setting the Dinner Table, Which Is Proper?
I was always told: Fork on the left of the plate Knife on the right of the plate with the blade facing the plate Spoon to the right of the knife.1. What is the name of that movie where the girl rips off her shirt at the dinner table wile arguing with her dad?Yeah that's it. That's the one where she has some huge nipple rings on. Ouch! lol2. Dinner do's and donts...what are your traditions or rules at the dinner table?Every single day I eat dinner with my family only, but not breakfast or lunch b/c school and work for them. On weekends we have to eat everything together. When people are invited to an Egyptian dinner the hostess always puts so much food on your plate and you have to accept it. It's rude if you do not eat anything. Also, we are always fashionably late. Dinner isnt prepared as soon as you get there. Also, after every meal actually 20,000 times a day expect to drink tea lol. Usually when we eat together everyone talks. I love my family dinners ahahaha. Also, I love going to Egyptian parties b/c egyptians are so crazy lol. Theyre just like me haha and we laugh all the time. Also, the hostess makes sure that everyone is okay before she eats herself. And her and other women clean up together.3. Good conversation starters at a dinner table?Simple things like where do u work4. Why is it improper etiquette to put a purse on a dinner table?Just think about where you drag your purse(s) to. Plus, if everyone put their briefcases and purses and other carryalls on the table, there would not be any room for anything else. You have to think in a broader term, not just what suits you alone. I would never hang a purse on the chair because it's too easy for someone to carry it off without me noticing (and people do do that). You carry a purse small enough to set on your lap or hang on your knee under the table (not on the floor, it gets in the way on the floor and you do not ever want a server to trip on your purse hurling food on you and others). If your purse is too huge to keep in your lap, you have to seriously consider what in hell you are lugging around in that piece of luggage and downsize.5. Do I need to apologize to my girlfriend and her mom for throwing up at the dinner table?Yeah you should apologize, that is if you want to keep your girlfriend6. What are some benefits from eating family meals at the dinner table?My family does not often do this. =] We eat together, but usually in front of the TV because we eat late. (usually around 8:30 because my dad cooks dinner and he gets home around 7:30.) However, eating at a table is nice because it: Instigates conversation. Creates a close environment for people to bond. Gives you time to enjoy your family's company. Is one of the rare times when all of the family can be together. Helps people appreciate what families do for each other. Helps you learn how your family member's days were. Sorry, these are all I could come up with. I am sick, so my brain is not fully on. =[7. At what age did you move your toddler from a high chair to a booster seat at the dinner table?We did about 18 months. I think it can be done much sooner we just didnt see a point. But once he was begging to sit on the big boy chairs, we made the change!8. Where can I buy a Korean dinner table with a single burner inset and all accessories?I searched on Amazon but did not find out. Anyone can help this friend?9. WHY do Germans blow their noses louder than a car horn at the dinner table?It's done to bother you and give you something to post here10. Poll: What would you feed me if I was setting at your dinner table?tonight,it would have been chili cheese dogs & chips,soda to get it down. snack/desert after,pumpkin & crumb cake
Are You More the "eat at the Dinner Table Type" Or "in Front of the TV" Type?
The "In front of the TV" type1. How do you stop a dog from begging for food at the dinner table?I had the same issue with my dog before. What I did was put some of the human food and mix it with the dog food. Its the same theory with babies when you first give them tasting food/liquid. Overtime I started to decrease the amount of human food in the mix. Eventually, all I feed him now are dog food and he is happy with it2. Do I need to apologize to my girlfriend and her mom for throwing up at the dinner table?Watching star trek reruns tonight?3. In China is it good manners to burp at the dinner table?From a very young age, American children are taught not to make noises such as slurping or burping at the table while dining. In the Chinese culture, these sounds are considered compliments to the host when made while dining. For example: 1. To make a slurping sound while eating soup either from a bowl or spoon is a compliment to the chef. 2. Burping after the meal means the meal was very good and most satisfying.4. When setting the dinner table, which is proper?and make sure that the food goes on the plate5. Good conversation starters at a dinner table?Be like hey, how's your summer so far? Been anywhere?, planning on going anywhere...? or any plans or stuff like dat and make comments about them, nice ones. be like hey you look darker, did you get a tan. (then this will make them talk about how they got it or ask them)6. POLL: What will be on your Thanksgiving dinner table?Pretty much everything you had there but caeser salad and ham7. Do you eat on the dinner table or do you follow the sunnah ?These rituals are not in the Quran and not part of Islam. The rituals are ridicules and diminish the message of the Quran8. Dinner-table description of theoretical computer science?If you want to give a whimsical look into the past, remind your audience that "computer" used to refer to a person whose profession was to compute things. (And if you want to violate some gender stereotypes that they may have, you can point out that these were frequently women, as well.)You can then achieve a handful of things at once:.9. Do you serve your husband at the dinner table?Agre with sonya. I would just tell him to move his lazy ***10. Why is it rude to wear a hat at the dinner table? Where did this custom come from?I believe it also stems from the fact that back in the day hats were very tall and when sitting in groups like a theatre you could not see over them so it was customary for them to be removed. Personally i think its ridiculous that people now still follow these etiquettes well past them having served their purpose11. Am I the only person who considers wearing a hat at dinner table rude? I see it all the time at restaurants.?In texas, tou never take your hat off12. Is it effective to force your young child to stay at the dinner table until they have finished eating their food?So, let's see. You have no idea if the child likes the food. You have no idea if the child is full. But you want to make them stay at the table until they are finished. Do you eat food you do not like? I do not . Do you eat when you are full? You should not . And neither should your children. What you are teaching them is that their parent is a bully and that disordered eating is normal. You are teaching them they have absolutely no control over their lives at all, including what they eat, regardless of whether they like it. This is not a good lesson to teach your child. This is how you end up with children with eating disorders. Do not do this to your child13. Is it wrong to feed your pet at the dinner table?I do not think it's good manners to feed a pet at the table but I do not think it's the business of anyone other than your friend. If it distresses you I suggest you dine elsewhere
Why Would My Dog Take a Crap on My Dinner Table?
He does not like his dog food. what he is saying is, "Here eat this, this is what the food you feed me tastes like."1. How do you stop a dog from begging for food at the dinner table?Tell her next time she begs in firm voice NO! Eventually she will accept that the food in her bowl is her own2. What is something that you never do at a dinner table?I would say speak with your mouth full. Yuk!3. Do you let your child have toys at the dinner table?may be yes may be no. it depends on how u wanna to deal with.As for me. i would feed my 9months old 1st (he might just finish half of his meal). When he started to get antsy, i will just let him feed himself. Just prepare to clean up the big mess he made. . that's work for me. .u should decide whats the best for you. . =).4. Why is it rude to wear a hat at the dinner table? Where did this custom come from?Gee, that's the best question I've heard in 6 months!! It's an old English custom where hats are tipped, (or doffed) slightly lifting the hat off your forehead, when meeting a lady (remove your hat if you stop to talk), or to "say" to anyone, male or female - thank you, excuse me, hello, goodbye, you are welcome or how do you do. Tipping of the hat is a conventional gesture of politeness. This hat tipping custom has the same origin as military saluting, which came from the raising of medieval Knights face visors to show friendliness. Hats are worn less now, but at the turn of the 20th century, all adults wore hats whenever they left the house. It was a matter of good personal hygiene, since hats were a protection from industrial dirt. Hats are removed when inside, except for places that are akin to public streets, like lobbies, corridors, and crowded elevators (non-residential). In a public building (where there are no apartments) the elevator is considered a public area. You may choose to remove your hat in a public elevator, but in the presence of a lady your hat must be removed. A gentleman takes off his hat and holds it in his hand when a lady enters the elevator in any building that can be classified as a dwelling such as an apartment house or hotel. He puts it on again in the corridor. It's therefore become a mark of respect to take them off during a meal, funerals, church service, when you greet someone in the street, or any other occasion when you want to signify that you respect the person. That's where the term, "I take my hat off to you" originated. Thanks again for a really good question! I learnt something tonight. The website is very interesting and took me ages to find.5. How important to you is it to eat dinner at the table with your family?Not at all. My family is much like yours6. Would it be considered not polite to fart at the dinner table duringOnly if stinks or is runny7. how can i keep roaches away from the dinner table?you could have my wife cook...lol8. my boyfriend refuses to sit down at the dinner table to eat with me and our daughter...how can i change this?move tv to eating area9. Do you have dinner at the dinner table, or use a TV tray?we have dinner at the table as it is better for your digestion and gives us a chance to talk to each other about the day. If my b/f is working and I am having dinner alone I sometimes sit at the coffee table instead, that's if I am just have toast for dinner but if it is a messy meal it is easier to sit at the table10. Do I need to apologize to my girlfriend and her mom for throwing up at the dinner table?that is disgusting. why the hell would you do that? you could have at least excused yourself and done it in the bathroom. where do you live? is this a normal type of behavior where you live? its not where i live. and yes you should apologize for your nastiness.
What Is the Name of That Movie Where the Girl Rips Off Her Shrit at the Dinner Table Wile Arguing wi
so when you say that she rips her shirt off ..... is this movie rated r ummm let me know if you find the name just for the sake of curiosity1. Am I the only person who considers wearing a hat at dinner table rude? I see it all the time at restaurants.?It bothers me too. I consider it very rude to wear a hat at the table. It bugs me too when they do not take them off when our National Anthem is played at the start of sporting events too2. Poll: Do you eat dinner at the table with your whole family?i usually eat by myself or with my brother, occasionally with my mom as well. I havnt eaten dinner with my father in 6 years because he died3. SOLVE A DINNER TABLE DISCUSSION PLLEASE?yes if that was in her lease then she CANNOT have it in there. Similar to a pet or something like that. The only thing you can not put in a lease is something that discriminates someone because of gender race sexual orientation and so forth but if she agreed no alchol she broke the lease and could face eviction4. Why is it that I would rather punch babies than sit at a dinner table and listen to people eat?I hate it when my dad eats, too. He makes these weird grunting noises... It reminds me of a pig. Let me tell you a story, it might cheer you up. Might make you laugh! ^ ^ I was at school. It was lunch time, we were having fried chicken and this lady was passing out papers for an after-school party club... thing. And so she gave us all one. Then after the lady left, Victoria (who arrived late) sat down next to us and asked, "Hey, what is that?" and then my friend Ingrid said, "It's for an after-school party." and then Victoria said, "Can I see it?" Ingrid said, "sure". Victoria took the paper WITHOUT WIPING HER HANDS OFF. It was disgusting! There was HUGE grease stains and tiny bits of chicken on the paper now. Victoria handed it back to Ingrid and Ingrid was like, "No, it's okay, you keep it." Victoria just shrugged, as if she did not know why Ingrid would not want it anymore. Then she just put it next to her tray and continued eating. I offered my paper to Ingrid and she said, " No, it's okay, Bre. Kristy already gave me hers." then Kristy said, "Yeah, I got to somewhere that day, anyway." This is all true, it actually happened! Victoria has very rude table manners, I know that for a fact, I've been sitting next to her for about two semesters. So I think I know what I am talking about. ;)5. Does your family eat at the dinner table every night?No. We eat at different times, and different areas of the house. I like eating standing up next to the kitchen counter6. Whats going to be on your dinner table thanksgiving?hopefully nothing. Thanksgiving food is gross. :P7. is it tacky to not have space at the dinner table for everyone?If it is family or close famiily friends .... okay, but if not its tacky ... put dining room table in living room; then everyone will be in same room, even if they cannot fit at the table. Especially if it is a sit-down dinner. If it is casual, not so bad8. URGENT!!Where do i place these on the dinner table?Relax - chances are if you do not know, your guests wo not know either!9. Would it be considered not polite to fart at the dinner table duringthat would neverf be polite10. If my father in law does not get up at the dinner table when any of the ladies excuse themselves, why should I?Because his manners should not dictate yours. If this is how you were raised, honor your parents. Do not judge your father in law. You do you. Let others do themselves. You will be admired and respected for being true to yourself and for bringing honor to your parents raising of you.
Set the Perfect Italian Dinner Table the Silver Spoon Way | Food | Phaidon
Set the perfect Italian dinner table the Silver Spoon way The Silver Spoon Classic goes beyond recipes - it also tells you how to make your table fit for the most stylish guest Eating well in Italy requires a little more than just great food. "Italians take pride in setting their tables, even for informal or everyday meals," explains the text in The Silver Spoon Classic, our luxurious, new collection of the best recipes from the world's leading Italian cookbook. "Depending on the style of the dishes to be served, the table will be set with elegant or rustic plates, glasses, knives and forks, etc. "Many Italian families have complete sets of tableware, glasses, tablecloths and so on that they use for special occasions - these are often passed down through generations of the family," the book goes on to explain. "While in the past using a tablecloth was imperative even for an everyday meal, these days, the tablecloth is often substituted with tablemats. However, using a beautiful, possibly embroidered, white tablecloth will always mark a special occasion. "A dinner plate is always set on the table, with a fork to its left and a knife to its right. For a more informal setting, you could put both the fork and knife on one side of the plate. Even informal dining will use a glass for your wine and a glass for water and, if you are planning to serve more than one wine during the meal, you should add additional glasses. "In general, food will be brought to the table on serving dishes from the same dining service or set of plates that you are using for the place settings, but for more rustic meals, you can also bring the pots and pans you have used when cooking to the table, especially if these are casserole dishes, Dutch ovens, or terracotta dishes. "Pasta, rice, and soups are normally brought to the table in a serving bowl. If there is going to be a dessert, a small spoon will be set at the top of each place setting, above the dinner plate. To complete your table setting, add a basket of bread, salt and pepper, olive oil in a pourer or jar (never the bottle in which you bought it), and a bowl with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. "Even if you are planning to eat only a first course as a 'piatto unico', you would never put a bowl in which to serve pasta directly on the table, always placing it on top of the main dinner plate. The same is true of knives and forks and even if you are not planning to use a knife as well as a fork, you would always put both on the table at each place setting. "In general, as they are thought to display the food to its best advantage, the dishes used traditionally in Italy are white, perhaps with a simple colored rim, and you should use one design of china throughout the whole meal, from antipasti to dessert, not mixing and matching. And of course you should never mix and match designs of knives and forks or plates between the guests." Of course, the best laid dinner table will not impress your guests if the actual menu has not been assembled with a similar degree of care and attention. The Silver Spoon Classic advises that the menu must be properly balanced so that each dish can be enjoyed to its best effect. "Traditionally, an Italian meal had five courses," The Silver Spoon Classic reveals. These are: an antipasto; a first course (primo piatto), which could be pasta, rice, or a soup; a main course (secondo), which was based on meat, fish, or eggs and a side of vegetables (contorno); and fresh fruit; with a dessert (dolce) to finish. "Nowadays, an antipasto course is served before the first course only for special occasions such as Christmas, New Year's Eve, or Easter, or when serving a particularly formal meal. More frequently the antipasto will take the place of the first course or, when served in a larger portion, it can also become a main course. It is important to balance the richness of the different courses in your meal. If you are planning to serve a robust main course, you need to balance this with lighter choices for the other courses. In a harmonious menu, it is advisable not to repeat the same main ingredient in the different courses you serve and also not to mix the styles of cooking too much - for example, a rustic first course should not be followed by too sophisticated a main course. It is also becoming quite common to serve a "piatto unico" that could be selected from any of the different savory sections of the book, accompanied simply by steamed or raw vegetables and followed by fresh fruit or a dessert. It's also traditional to serve a variety of cheeses after the main course and before the dessert. Got that amici? For the accompanying recipes, further dining and cookery tips, and much, much more, order a copy of The Silver Spoon Classic here.Which Starbucks drink do you like better: soy chai latte or chocolate vivanno?Neither. I save my money for more inmportant things. Like, say, dinner
Why Is It Improper Etiquette to Put a Purse on a Dinner Table?
putting your purse on the table is showing that you do not care about where you eat because you are just putting whatever was on the bottom or side of your purse on the table where you eat! elbows are definetly not to go on tables!! that shows laziness and it also shows that you do not care to be there! leave your purse on the floor or in another room it does not need to be where you eat... EVER!!!1. How do you stop a dog from begging for food at the dinner table?do not be worried if she does not eat her food, she will eat when she gets hungry. adding a bit of cooked chicken to her food should help, too. In the meantime, you need to keep her out of the kitchen entirely while you are preparing meals & eating. It will keep the tempation of stealing food at bay, & you do not have to deal with the dog begging. She may not be happy about it, but you are the one in charge! She will get over it. (c: good luck!2. how do i get my dog to stop watching me eat at the dinner table without making him leave?Your dog should see you eating. It is dog language for "I am higher in the pack"3. Dinner-table description of theoretical computer science?Theoretical computer science is to computer science what mathematics used to be to physics4. should i let my kids do this at the dinner table?I am sure you would had received tons of advice about cons of smoking and I understand you cannot change your habits just by flip of a switch however if I were in your position I would certainly would like to eleminate or atleast limit smoking on dinner table. This is becuase of your middle son who wants to live healthy but is poisoned by second hand smoke5. Poll: Do you eat dinner at the table with your whole family?I take dinner with my wife..currently i have only her with me as my family :) :) :)6. Good conversation starters at a dinner table?the whole 'what 5 items would you take with you to a deserted island' saga gets a conversation for at least 15mins :)7. how do you discipline your toddler at the dinner table?The same way I would if he was not at the dinner table. Teach him manners, make him sit and eat like the rest of us. If he gets in big trouble, he goes to his room.8. Do you have manners at the dinner table?I can not put my elbows on the table when I eat I can not chew and talk at the same time I can not sing at the dinner table that I think?9. Parents: Do you allow any electronics at the dinner table?never.....i dont even let my boys have any toys at the table. and they dont play videos on a school night. My kids sit nice at the table, and talk and eat. ....no toys.10. what does Polly shore say in encino man at the dinner table?Not in my house!! No matter how the dynamics change, whatever working shifts my husband or myself are on, that's the foundation rule dinner on the table when he comes in. Even if that happens to be midnight!11. At which time, when you are serving a meal, should you call your husband/family/boyfriend/guests to the dinner table?He is not your guest. He is your partner, and he is being rude. Etiquette does not dictate that one must cater to rude and thoughtless "guests". Solution: Cook enough for yourself only12. Help solve a dinner table discussion about a contract Hypothesis?If the landlord found bottles of alcohol on the upper floor after the tenant had only been there for one month, it's a pretty easy case of fraudulent intent. The tenant read and signed the lease, so the terms are binding. Landlords can ban pets and they can ban alcohol and illegal drugs. If the bans were not in the lease, he would have a hard time prevailing on the alcohol ban. But it goes without that illegal drugs are banned.
Why Is It Disrespectfull/ Rude to Wear a Hat at the Dinner Table?
I think people are finding it more and more difficult to justify this custom. I do not see it as a bad or good custom, but if "completing an outfit" and not "messing up one's hair to remove it" is good enough for women, it perhaps is good enough for men as well. After all, what use are baggy pants, showing half of one's azz and all their their stylish boxers, if you can not wear your cap backwards?.1. help? my dogs won't stop whining and begging for food when we eat at the dinner table?Crate them in your room, and close the door. If that does not work, crate Mother.2. What is your favorite medical condition to bring up at the Sunday dinner table?Condyloma,..........eeewwww they will never invite you again....xxx3. what does Polly shore say in encino man at the dinner table?Not in my house!! No matter how the dynamics change, whatever working shifts my husband or myself are on, that's the foundation rule dinner on the table when he comes in. Even if that happens to be midnight!4. Do you have manners at the dinner table?No, I do not even have one. !!!5. Am I the only person who considers wearing a hat at dinner table rude? I see it all the time at restaurants.?I think it's rude...but then again, if you go to finer restaurants they will still insist you wear a coat and tie, no hat, etc6. What should I do?? my 95 year old grandmother spits as she talks even at the dinner table should I avoid her?Amen to that Roofing... I would give anything to have any of my grandparents sitting next to me, drooling, spitting...does not matter. There are so many things I never got to ask them as they died when I was very young, and I missed out on their wisdom, experiences, humor....all the things that make us who we are. Talk to her, learn about your family history because when she is gone, and you are older and looking back....you will know you missed an opportunity to know who you are from someone who knows where you've been (speaking from a genealogical point of view) A little saliva wo not hurt you, it wipes off, a cold goes away.....regrets over opportunities lost stay with you forever.7. How do I deal with the empty feeling I have...can't even eat at dinner table?I would ask the doctor your using if they have a fertility counselor. Most of the Reproductive Associates have them in their practice. If you look under your insurance carrier they should be able to assist you with finding one. You may be going through PTSD some people have been diagnosed with this after miscarrying. Hope all goes well and sending you my well wishes.8. Dinner-table description of theoretical computer science?We study the limits of computation. How quickly can you solve a certain computational problem? How much time is required to solve it, no matter what solution you try? Then I give them these examples (which are easy to explain to most laypeople -- and indeed many laypeople have direct experience with them -- demonstrate some properties of NP-complete problems, and actually have to do with saving lives).Obviously people (including myself) might quip that I've ignored important other resources like space, randomness, or even quantumness. But when you only have 2 minutes to tell someone about a whole field, some things get left out.9. Am I the only person who considers wearing a hat at dinner table rude? I see it all the time at restaurants.?It depends on where you are dining. At a bar or something it does not really matter, but in a restaurant I think it's a little odd to not take it off. Or especially if you are dining at someones house!10. Why are elbows not allowed on the dinner table?Keeps you from leaning over you plate and allows for more table space11. how do i get my dog to stop watching me eat at the dinner table without making him leave?Watching you is not bad, begging is. Stop feeding him cause hes soooooooooo cute or he will never stop begging. If you stop feeding him from the table or your plate UNTIL YOUR DONE he will tire of watching constantly. He will still likely stay close waiting for you to get done and to give him a taste after your finished but the begging will stop. If you do not want him doing that then do not give him anything off your plate after your done. It is a habit you help formed, figure out what is ok with you and work to that point. I have a service dog. My dog is not allowed to beg, in fact if food is dropped by her face when shes under a table she is absolutely not to touch it for any reason unless its setting her tail on fire. Most people do not have to go to this extreme but it is nice to leave food on a plate and it still be there when you get back from refilling your drink. The dog will learn the habits you reinforce. The dog is training you and it's working!
Why Does My Dog Pee on Other Dogs?
Why Does My Dog Pee on Other Dogs?
Why does my dog pee on other dogs?Your dog pees on other dogs that are behind fences that bark at him.You have a smart dog. Be proud of that— — — — — —Why are Rotts and Pitbulls so hated?You would not like my answer to this, as our own "sweetest dog in the world" pit bull nearly killed my 3 year old daughter (unprovoked) He had never been treated harshly...and was a family pet.. its just that too many of them'snap' and harm people and other dogs..the good ones are the best dogs in the world..but there are too many that are untrustworthy..no way to weed the good from the bad..as you never know until it happens..— — — — — —German Shepherd Problems I need help with PLEASE?1. try getting a head collar it's kinda like a halter for dogs. when the dog pulls it pulls their head towards u so she wo not be so able to pull. 2.interacting with others dogs should calm her down a little bit i would find a friend who has another dog and make a few meet ups so you dog can get use to seeing a dog another dog. if she see's other dogs close every day she wont be as curious 3. as for barking have u tried spray collars it not a shock collar so it wont hurt her but it will spray a bad smell to her so she will assciate i bark with that bad smell?— — — — — —why do people "categorize" pit bull as bad dogs? Agree or disagree?Pit Bulls are not bad, the owners who taught them to be aggressive are. I have a rescued red nose pit female. She is not aggressive, in fact she is one of the best dogs I have ever owned. She was used as a bait dog, and still is not aggressive to other dogs. She has protected my kids from harm and been a loyal friend to my entire family. My babies have pulled, pinched, poked, bitten and everything a baby does to anything they touch, and she has never so much a lifted a lip or growl. These are called "nanny dogs" in Britain, where the breed originated because of their loyalty, loving nature, and protective nature. They have always been a good breed until idiots decided that they would make good fighters. Even now, dogs bred to be aggressive are not until trained to be that way. I also plan to rescue more pit bulls when I get a larger property. I have great love of the breed and respect what they were intended to be. Thank you for supporting the efforts of those of us who fight for the right of large-breed, supposedly dangerous dogs. If you want to help in the meantime you can find sites dedicated to Breed-specific legislation being stopped before entire breeds are wiped out entirely and help them fight or donate to breed rescues who rely on donations to support the animals who come to them. If we stick together and fight for what is right, we will succeed in saving pit bulls and other poorly treated animals.— — — — — —Need help potty training my 3 year old boy?I would suggest an obedience class with a good trainer. That way, your dog will learn basic commands and learn how to be around and be social with other dogs— — — — — —What are some new puppy essentials that I might have missed...?Leash... If the puppy is use to being around other dogs or his mom, blankets in the crate will help keep him warm at night. Also, I would invest in some bitter apple or something similar. Puppies like to chew on EVERYTHING. It's a good way to protect your furniture. Also, hide your shoes!— — — — — —Is it possible to help a dog that has been abused and fought other dogs for a living?I am concerned about her fighting other dogs. the chances are your dogs are at risk. You can not keep the poor dog in a cage forever, so my honest opinion is that she should go to somebody who can spend time bonding with her one-on-one. I am not usually for shifting dogs from pillar to post, but it's not fair on her being kept in a cage. I know you are trying to protect your dogs and I respect that, but the dog probably wants to hide away from humans, which she cannot do when she's in a cage. She's constantly on show and cannot hide at all. She needs space to herself, and she needs the chance to bond with a human without bars being in the way. I think you should find her another home with an experienced owner.
How to Be Cool in Middle School Physical Education Class?
How to Be Cool in Middle School Physical Education Class?
How to be cool in middle school Physical Education class?play sports get involved in activeits if u want to be a ladys man thats another story but ill tell u a girl likes a guy who is somewat smart cut funny fit nice romantic and loyal— — — — — —Pls help me with my assignment(PowerPoinPresentaion) about the '' Touch '' its my Physical Education subject..The reason nobody responded to your question, is because you did not ask one. Did you expect someone to simply do a powerpoint presentation for you and send it to you? What help do you need? Touch involves the central nervous system, and billions of receptors all over your body. Get busy— — — — — —Can a physical education teacher fail a student...?Like the person above said, where's the note. Based on the facts presented in the question the answer is actually YES they can fail the student. A physical injury alone is not an excuse to refuse to participate in gym class. Getting a paper cut is a physical injury, you still have to play dodge ball or whatever. Now if it is a serious physical injury there should be documentation. The problem with Gym class is if a student has a serious injury the stuff done in gym class could make the injury worst. If a student has a broken leg or broken foot they should not be told to run track since that could make the injury far worst. If the gym teacher made a student do an activity that made the injury worst the parents could sue the school for A LOT of money. But if the student had a serious injury there would be documentation of it ie a doctors note. Let the teacher give you a F and then take the doctor's note to the principal.— — — — — —what does physical education mean to you?It is when you beat them within in a inch of their life if they do not get an education— — — — — —If your school's Physical Education is optional......?As long as you do not get a perverted midget like our P.E teacher stick with it, the dude would make girls do all this sick stretches (all the pretty ones) and then like correct them whilst looking up their skirts, disgusting. Um yeah stick with P.E i am currently home schooling and P.E makes you feel much better,— — — — — —Should high schools require 4 years of Physical Education (PE)?The problem with this question is that your answer will differ according to your outlook on Physical Education. Personally, I do not believe that 4 years is required. I wo not say that it's stupid, or unnecessary, but I have other activities that take priority and would not enjoy having a set amount of PE. My school only requires 1 1/2 years, but there are many ways to take your credits, including marching band, dance, cheerleading, health science technology 2 (a health career class), and a variety of sports. This way, we can choose our own way to have fun in the required credits.— — — — — —Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports UniversityTamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University (TNPESU) is a university in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is first sports university established in India. It is a residential and affiliating university. YMCA College of Physical Education is an affiliated college of this university— — — — — —Physical Education, Phys Ed. PE.... HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP?1) They both can cause cancer. 2) The sun may cause skin cancer and give you sun burn, and smoking causes lung cancer. Both of which can lower your dying age. 3) Bc the American society focuses so much on images and what is "Cool" or not. People see someone cool smoking and they will do it. People see someone tanning, and they will tan... just to fit in. A lot of people also think that smoking will help them with their stress... 5) Not smoking, sun screen, eating healthy, ect.— — — — — —what is the biblical concept of physical education?1. Jews objected to athletics because it was practised naked in the Greek style. 2. In 1 Titus 4:8 Paul tells us that spiritual exercise is far more valuable than physical exercise. 3, Analogies from sport are used in NT teaching: Let us run with patience this road that is before us (Heb 12:1) Remember that in a race everybody runs, but only one person gets the prize. You must run in such a way that you will win. All athletes practise strict self-control. They do it to win a prize that will not fade away (like a laurel garland) but we do it for an eternal prize that will not fade away. So I run straight to the goal with purpose in every step. I am not like a boxer who misses his punches. I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should (1Cor 9:24fff). 4. A Christian's body is the temple of God (1 Cor 3:17 and others) and he is responsible before God for keeping it in good shape. 5. Most Jews in Biblical times used to live pretty healthy, physical outdoor lives. See the lifestyle as described in the book of Exodus, where dietary and other laws were given to ensure good health. 6. Yahweh Rapha has made a covenant with His children that He will keep them in good health IF they obey His laws (Ex 15:26) which sees its ultimate fulfilment in Christ (1 Peter 2:24).
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