What Are Your Beauty Secrets??

i put certimide antiseptic cream on my face each morning and before i go to bed. it leaves my skin really moisureised and soft, and prevents any blemishes! =D! ha i know it sounds really wierd, but it works really well. =) xx

1. How do you turn a room in the basement with concrete walls into a bedroom?

ether paint the concrete or Sheetrock over the concrete than tape and bed and than paint painting would be easy tho

2. Tell me what you know about co-sleeping?

Dr. Sears has good information on co-sleeping, as their practice is a big advocate. I only co-sleep part-time - on days when my baby is ill, extremely fussy, and when she wakes at 4-6 a.m. she will come back to bed with me (she only does that some days). You need to make sure your mattress is firm and your cover sheet is tight to prevent suffocation. The safety guidelines usually indicate no pillows and no cover for mom and dad, however I have been using covers but am careful to tuck them so that they cannot cover her face and do not generally cover any part of her body. It is usually recommended that baby sleep on mommy's side and not between due to the danger of dad overlaying (something to do with dad not having the same chemistry and hardwiring so he is not naturally paying attention to baby's location in his sleep like mom is), also due to the danger of overheating. Babies can overheat very easily, dress them lighter when they are in bed with you - no thick sleepers or sleeping bags. I would get a safety rail for the side of the bed or move your mattress to the floor, or even both. Do not co-sleep if you have been drinking, or are on any kind of medication that can cause you to sleep deeper - this is how most co-sleeping deaths occur, parents asleep to deeply and rolling over on baby. Co-sleeping is also not indicated as safe for smokers. My daughter co-slept with us full-time at first, and like I said, we've moved to part-time for our own reasons, and it is wonderful. She feels secure, and it is easy to comfort her in the middle of the night. Do not believe anyone who tells you that they will never sleep on their own because of it, that is BS. My six month old will sleep in her crib, I just like to keep her with me when she's sick or super fussy because I am her mom and I like to make her feel better quickly. EDIT: forgot to mention that in the first two months we used the Safety First close & secure sleeper in our bed (mentioned by another respondent). At that time she was full time with us, but I felt very safe with her in it until she started moving too much

3. women: do you get itchy bumps while wearing pads?

Make sure you are using unscented pads and change it just before you go to bed and first thing when you wake up. It could simply be that while wearing a pad you have a warm damp enviroment that's creating some irritation of your skin or hair follicles. If you get an area that does not go away go to your physician so they can evaluate further, nothing is worse than a small abscess "down below. ".

4. Moms (and Dads), what's YOUR opinion?

Here are my answers: *Breast vs. Bottle: I bottle fed my son and I breastfed my daughter. What other people do, I do not care either way. Both ways is providing nourishment for baby. *Pro-Life: I know what happens to the baby during an abortion. I do not think I could ever do that to my unborn baby. Personally if I were raped or something, and got pregnant, I would carry the pregnancy all the way through and either keep the baby or place it for adoption. *Vaccine vs. No vaccine: I vaccinate both of my children. *Cloth vs. Disposable: I used both. I do not feel one is "better" than the other. *SAHM vs. Daycare: I am a SAHM because my son has disabilities that the daycares in my area are not equipped to deal with. If they were, I would be at work in a heartbeat. Being a SAHM is very hard financially (in my family, anyways). *Circumcised vs. Uncircumcised: Both my son and my husband are circumcised. *Cry-It-Out vs. Cuddle-It_Out: Cry it out to a certain extent. I would only let my kids cry for 10 minutes. I can tell their mood just by their cry. I can tell from their cry whether they really need something or if they are just trying to avoid going to bed. I only used CIO when the kids are older than a year. Before then, I would cuddle them. *Co-sleeping vs. Baby Crib: I used a crib for my babies because I used to work in a coroner's office and I saw the terrible effects of what co-sleeping with an infant can bring. I am a big woman so it would have been extra dangerous if I were to co-sleep. *I am 29 years old and my husband is 36 and my son is 3 and my daughter is 19 months old. *The best parenting advice ever: "Pick and choose your battles." and "The dishes are not going anywhere". LOL You said no bashing but I found it a little harsh for you to say people are stupid and selfish. There is no need to judge other people.....just list what YOU think is best for your family. I stated my views without mentioning what I think about other people.

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