What Do I Order with My IKEA Bed Frame?

We just purchased the Norslund bed tonight. We asked an IKEA employee whether we needed slats or not if we were going to use a mattress and boxed springs. She told us that the slats are for if you are not going to use boxed springs and that we just needed the midbeam along with the headboard/footboard and sides. I think the IKEA website is a bit confusing because it says you have to purchase the slatted bed base, but you only need that if you are not going to use box springs. Edit: If you are planning on purchasing a king bed from IKEA to use with box springs, I would suggest buying the slats. Since king box springs come as two twin box springs, the midbeam does not provide enough support in my and my husband's opinion. If you are buying a twin, double, or queen, you really wo not need the slats since the box spings for those are one single piece.

1. Do you have an idea for a cheap twin bed frame?

IKEA has inexpensive frames if there is one nearby

2. I just bought a new bed and the bed frame broke ... Why won't landlord fix it?

Easy.....you bought it ...it belongs to you..why would Landlord fix it...bring back where you bought it Genius...and get it Fix

3. can u put a twin xl mattress on a queen / full bed frame?

You can do whatever the hell you want. We cant stop you

4. replacement part for wooden bed frame rails name and where to purchase it?

Replacement Bed Frame Feet

5. How to remove rust from a metal bed frame?

OO grade steel wool

6. do I need a box spring with this platform bed frame?

I would not put plywood under a memory foam mattress. This type of mattress needs to have air get at it, to avoid it getting moldy

7. Does your bed mattress get more support from a box spring that is laid directly on the floor, sans bed frame?

A board between the mattress and the frame would do more than the floor

8. Can I use a waterbed headboard with a regular bed frame?

Waterbed Headboard

9. Best place to buy a bed frame?

go to a thriftstore, you can spend less money and maybe even find a heavy duty-last forever bed there, plus you can always fix it up to your liking!

10. what is the strongest metal a bed frame can be made of?

My suggestion would be to have the 4X4 post right in the corner of the frame but touching the frame. Drill a hole through the frame and screw the post to the frame through the metal and into the post with (at least) 2" lag bolts. You should also think about supporting the posts horizontally with a 2X4 joining each post to each other on at least 3 sides. This will keep the legs from spreading outwards and the bed collapsing in the centre of the posts and crashing to the floor. If you want to keep the front side open, you can get away with putting the horizontal brace across the front of the bed up high, right under the frame at the top of the posts or right on the floor at the foot of the posts

11. Would white night stands go with my cherry colored bed frame?

Normallly I would think that white goes with just about anything but your bed is too light of a color to make it work. You could paint your bed and / or the night stands to cordinate if you really want them

12. If you build a loft bed in your dorm, what do you do with the old bed frame?

Call the maintenance man, ask him what to do with it

13. How do I make my wood bed frame from squeaking?

Make sure you tighten the screws real tight

14. What type of bed frame does not require a box spring, slats, steel frames, etc. All you need is a mattress??

This can work with either a platform bed or a captain's bed. A captain's bed is like a platform bed and has drawers underneath for storage

15. Can I get a bed frame with drawers seperate from the head board?

Give me a call i am a carpenter and I will make you a frame : ) I usually specialise in replacement limbs but in your case i would make an exception

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