What Is the Difference Between an Air Cooler and an Air Conditioner?

Laymen tend to confuse the different types of equipment used for cooling homes. Many people do not know which one to buy that will suit their budget and cooling requirements at the same time. There is a world of difference between an air-conditioner and an evaporative cooler (EC), although both are used for cooling purposes. They are designed to cater for different requirements.

Here is a summary of the major differences between these two types of cooling machines.

An evaporative cooler employs hot air and water to cool your room. The hotter and dryer it is outside, the better an evaporative cooler works. Apart from cooling the room, the evaporative cooler also adds moisture to the air. So there are uses of this machine in the winter season too as it works as a humidifier.

The EC is much less costly when it comes to the electricity bills. Basically it works in a more natural way of cooling the room but will not usually be able to achieve the same level of cooling as an AC, and is of minimal benefit in humid climates. The EC does not use hazardous gases that damage the environment unlike the air conditioner.

The air-conditioner works more like a refrigerator, employing a compressor to generate the cooling process.

The air-conditioner functions smoothly in all weather conditions and can maintain a constant level of cooling. The technology used in the AC gives a homogenous level of cooling throughout the room, unlike the EC. The AC has to have an outdoor unit, as it throws the hot air outside, but evaporative coolers come in different shapes and sizes apart from the window EC. The AC performs the sole function of cooling and is of no benefit in the winter season.

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