What Is the Procedure in Replacing the Ac Evaporator in a 1999 Ford Explorer 4wd Xlt Ohc?

our shop charges 700 to 1,000 dollars since you also have to flush the system and replace the dryer and orfice tube as well then recharge the system

1. How to fix the freezer compartment/ evaporator fan of my fridge?

How previous is the refrig? If its 7 or 8 years previous i could purchase a sparkling refrig; the hot ones are greater power useful and could pay for itself in reductions in application expenditures. the flexibility reason ought to be: a million. The compressor is undesirable. it may artwork for a on an analogous time as and function often for many hours, even yet it may fail lower back faster or later. verify the compressor while that's working for a on an analogous time as and touch it (they are think to run warm- the place it is going to wreck your hands while touched); yet while it very heat (will burn your hands) then the compress that's probable undesirable. if so it is not any longer worth changing (this calls for a authorized repairman simply by handling of the "Freon"). 2. The thermostat might additionally be a achievable reason (yet I actual have under no circumstances seen one bypass undesirable. that may not a probable reason, yet attempt tapping it and moving the settings while the refig is not working. 3. additionally verify to work out if the motor fan (that factors air flow to the coils and the compressor) is working. If no longer the compressor ought to over warmth and close its self for a on an analogous time as to permit it to relax off.

2. 2001 Ford Taurus Evaporator Housing Issue?

can get the parts you need from an auto wrecker. as to heat etc. should only effect your inside temp. comfort

3. is my evaporator denso or valeo ?

Get back to the dealer, because each market has its own specifications and parts differ from country to country

4. Is it worth it? A/C evaporator 2000 Dodge Caravan needs fixing.?

Changing the evaporator coil is a 4 hour job for a pro. It will take and amateur around 8 to 15. because the coil has to be installed leak proof, there is risk if you are amateur. Once is installed, a vacuum pump needs to be used before the refrigerant is added. R12 is restricted buy, R134 is not, but is expensive enough to make sure the installation was right before adding. $800 seems expensive for the job. I would look for a different shop instead.

5. Where is A/C evaporator drain on '97 Cadillac Deville?

Found it! It's way up there. rubber pipe with what looks like lips at the end. The "lips" were completely sealed closed (unlike my wife's). Reached up there and snipped the lips off. Water came pouring out. Do not think I will have that problem again

6. my refrigerator is leaking water into the inside of the frig. it does not go into the evaporator tray.?

Yes the drain plug/pipe will be blocked , had happened to me before . try sticking a nail or something long down there , may be ice frozen blocking the hole

7. I was told i need an evaporator coil replaced on my 28 year old AC unit. Do i need a new condenser as well?

AHS is trying to screw you. One never needs a permit to replace an existing unit. The contractor that does the job will already have the recovery of the R22 figured in. Reality? Unless there is a compressor burn out, that refrigerant does not need to be disposed. I have a recovery tank for each refrigerant. I re-use R22, R410a,.... etc... Do not let AHS screw you over. You can tell them I said that. What I can tell you is that you ought to just tell AHS to go butt a stump and go ahead and bite the bullet. Replace the whole shebang. Get a new air handler and a new condenser unit designed to run R410a, at least 15 SEER. You will also have to replace the line set. The old one is set up for R22, is impregnated with AB oil, which is not compatible, and is not designed to hold the higher pressures of the new refrigerant. Everything has to match. The reality id your unit has lived a full life,... its done. Especially if the valves in the compressor are bad... You will be much happier come July & August.

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