What Questions Should I Ask When Getting Central Air Conditioning Installed?

Who manufactured it. Ask about the seer #. What size is it, (in tons of air.????) Is it an energy star appliance/ tax write off. I would get more than one bid.

1. Does anybody know why my pipes on my air conditioning have frozen up?

a bad could have your condenser running while the air handler is off.that will also cause a freeze up

2. is there any way to bypass my car's computer and get the Air Conditioning working in my 2003 Honda Accord?

Hi Eric! I think that would be a great car for you. I absolutely love the 2003 Honda because it is good looking, comfortable, affordable and drives perfectly. GO for 2003 Honda!

3. What are some cooling/air conditioning options for a small room with no windows?

A workaround that does work temporarily is to put a bowl or bucket of ice in front of or behind a fan (whichever gives best cooling in your situation) and have the fan blow the cool air. You have to figure out what you have that wo not make a big mess and count on buying a few bags of ice or having your freezer keep putting some out

4. my car's air conditioning stopped working, but comes back on occasionally?

Right, give you a price when you have not even given us the basics like year, make, model, engine......as if there's a single answer for every make and model ever made. How about some more detail on when this happens? Temp outside, city, highway, stopped in traffic. You do your part, we do ours.

5. How much monetary value does air-conditioning add to a lease?

Nothing if the tenant is paying the electric bill

6. could i own a husky if I don't have air conditioning in my house?

* People with cats or small dogs - Siberian husky dogs have a strong prey drive, and can thus be aggressive to small dogs, cats, children, and other small animals. Older children are not a problem, but people with infants or toddlers would be wise not to trust a Siberian Husky near them. * Inexperienced dog owners - Siberian huskies are very intelligent dogs, and can be somewhat stubborn. Because they were bred to perform tasks with less human control, they are very in dependant. They can be hard to train, especially with the "Come" command. Siberian Husky dogs are always looking for signs of weakness, so owners need to maintain the dominant position, without being overbearing. They can become very difficult to own if you do not do this. Siberian husky dogs should be trained from a puppy. * People living in apartments, houses with no fenced yards, or houses with small yards - Siberian huskies love to be outdoors. They were bred to pull heavily laden sleds over long, frozen distances. So they have a strong capacity for endurance, and a lot of energy. They love to run and roam. Apartment living does not give them enough scope to exercise, and in winter, when we warm ourselves up with heaters and fires, they may find it too hot if they have to stay indoors. Because Siberian huskies love to roam, they need a good, fenced yard. Otherwise they will go for miles. Fencing needs to be very secure, as they are intelligent enough to find a way out. Small yards, whilst at least providing huskies with a chance to go outdoors, will not enable them to get enough exercise. That restless energy could then be expressed in somewhat disruptive and mischievous ways. * The elderly and disabled - Although this is not intrinsically a problem, Siberian Husky dogs are very active and energetic. They need owners who can both keep up with them, and take them for long walks - or runs. Siberian Huskies love to run, and make great jogging partners, as long as the weather is not too warm. They find warmer weather tougher because their coats are so thick. * People looking for a watchdog - Although Siberian huskies are a large breed dog, they do not make good watchdogs. They tend to exit stage left at the first sign of trouble. * Someone who wants a quiet dog - Beautiful as they are, Siberian husky dogs are not quiet. Whilst they do not bark much, they howl and yelp similar to a wolf. Unless you have a large property, or do not mind this chattering, another dog breed may be more appropriate. Siberian husky dogs are playful, energetic, spirited, and intelligent dogs. They are not for the faint hearted, or those that want a lap dog. They suit experienced owners who can deal with their quirks in a loving but firm manner.

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