What's the Meaning of "Quills and Sofas

Okay, this one's just weird. I did a little Googling (while, Binging really, but whatever) and "Quills & Sofas" is apparently a reference to the children's TV program "My Little Pony", it looks like that's the name of a store that sells, well, quill pens and sofas. I limited my research because I am at work and searches for My Little Pony stuff seem to turn up sites by creepy old men with little-girl fetishes, so if anyone who actually knows wants to correct or clarify what I say about the reference, feel free. Anyway, the idea appears to be that these are two things that have nothing to do with each other and are thrown together for no apparent reason. In the context of the post you cite, people are criticizing some sort of research proposal about "Insects and Reptiles" on the grounds that the proposer is throwing together two unrelated things without making any link between them

1. How do you stop cats from scratching on leather sofas?

You can clip the cats claw so that it cant rip ur sofa up

2. what style/design/color rug should I get that would match?

You've got a lot of brown......need to infuse some color in there :D Try to blend with the colors in the chair with the ottoman to lighten things up. The room seems to have a "heavy" feeling to it. Hope you also use those "lighter" colors from the new rug and put throw pillows on sofas to match. (Maybe going with that tannish-gold-with chocolate highlights thing). You will need to look around until the right color catches your eye and you feel the rug will perk up the room. (If it brings you down and feels too sedate...forget it).

3. What color of sofas/sectional sofas will match a yellow wall in the living room?

I just helped a friend with this very same problem she had the same question I recomended a dark brown couch leather because she had children ( easy to clean) and she loved it. It really depends on what colors you like and what colors you dislike. If you dislike something dont use it. If you love another color use it, its your home but dont do anything too crazy you will tire of it quickly.

4. PLEASE HELP: What is biting me?!?

BED BUGS! Bed bugs appear any where that is warm. Mattresses, sofas, chairs... You mostly get these bites at night. Bed bugs suck your blood. Their bites are very itchy and turn red. Hope this helps

5. Does Broyhill make good sofas?

I think they are a good quality midprice Co. I found websites that had the manufacturers specs and the warranty info for you , by searching broyhill manufacture sofa construction specs.

6. How many sofas have you been through since you've had children?

We have had the same sofa/ loveseat/ chairs for almost 8 years. (Our oldest is 7.) They are beyond needing replacement but I figure what is the point! Our younest is 2 1/2 so I am trying to let it go another 1 1/2- 2 years

7. im getting kitten hopefully and sofas dont wanan be scratched..?

Do not wash the kitten, cats bathe themselves, so there's no need for you to do that at all. An awesome way to prevent the kitten from scratching things, you could get soft claws. They are sold at petsmart and they are a clear, plastic shell that slides over your cats claws- this way you do not have to get them declawed, but your furniture still stays nice.

8. I have two grey leather sofas to sell?

Good luck, sounds like there much to old. Geeze! there even grey

9. What is a velvet-like material used for sofas?

probably velour

10. Why are modern day sofas so squishy and soft?

Pretty simple... Furniture manufacturers build what sells. Style trends in furniture change constantly, but they still stick with what sells. Therefore, I assume "squishy and soft" is what folks are buying. It's my personal belief that folks give appearance more weight than long term comfort when choosing furniture. An hour or so sitting in and trying out a bunch of furniture isn't the best way to choose. It all feels different after you have it home a couple weeks, but it still looks like it did on the showroom floor. Why are modern day sofas so squishy and soft?

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Help, What Colour Rug and Curtains Will Match My Red Sofas?
i think black..it's a dark color and it will suit for everything.. or white pink violet i think these are the combinations.. hope it will be useful...1. Can I turn a blanket (50 x 60 throw) into a rug?once you get your dogs placed to sleep.... in case you spot it comming.... such as you already know your dogs is going to might desire to be placed down quickly.... then start up making arangements inclusive of your vet and native taxidermy. enable your vet understand which you relatively prefer to take your dogs physique quite of allowing them to cremate him (they many times enable you are taking your puppy in case you request to so which you would be able to burry him the place you prefer). ... you dont necessairily might desire to tell them you are able to desire to have him became right into a blanket.... additionally, in enhance, touch your community taxidermy, enable them to appreciate it is going to be quickly and placed across it in to them. in case your dogs dies all directly, or if the taxidermist is booked, placed him in a freezer. ... i understand, gross. ... notwithstanding it is going to shop him preserved till you may get him in some days later..... or an ice chest might desire to paintings too playstation - a taxidermist is the guy who makes bear epidermis rugs and filled deer and such.... they are going to be waiting to do it and that they might placed it on fairly felt so which you dont might desire to have the dogs epidermis touching you. .... i think of this question is somewhat wierd... and you will might desire to have an exceptionally vast dogs to confirm that it to make a suited blanket or possibly a lap blanket... yet whats up, notwithstanding works for you. ... what ever will enable you cope while the time comes2. Is a dappled coat considered a marking on a horse? types of rug..?...I will have to try that Omega 3 stuff next year...I can almost see dapples in my mare's flea-bitten coat, but no matter how much I condition and brush they are barely there. I think dappling is a characteristic of a grey horse, but not a marking in itself. I am not an authority on this, so, just my opinion.3. How can I clean urine out of a rug?CLOROX spray cleaner4. Is is ok to rug my horse just when its raining?Does he have any shelter? In the summer yes, he can have a sheet on as long as you put it on before he gets wet - as long as it's just a waterproof sheet. In the winter time if he is not rugged all the time he is going to get a thick and heavy winter coat. Putting a light sheet over that just to keep off the rain is going to mash the hair down which will cause the hair to no longer insulate your horse and he will be dry but very cold.5. Which size rug would work best?I think too small would defeat the purpose of the rug. Not to mention may be a pain moving your chairs in and out if the rug is in the way. The option for the larger is really only slightly larger, I doubt you would regret it. It should create a separation from your living room and look nice. Maybe just ensure you have a return policy on your rug in case you hate it. Good luck6. all you girly girl decorators out there - please help!?try with like a cream colored carpet thats really like fluffy not shag rug but something pretty.....and just from there goes to what motif you like you can do like an old chandilier in the dining room...or something its hard to explain not knowing exactly what decade or what not you want. ..like do you want it mod inspired or more now7. How do I get my dog to stop peeing on the rug!?you need to take him out more and let him do his thing outside. he will eventually learn how to go outside if you just keep letting him go out (preferably the backyard, since they can probably run off in the front :D
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