What Would Cause My 2005 Kia Sedona Air Conditioner to Blow Hot?

well one is your ac needs air flow so when you idle there is not much airflow and also your ac compressor is not running very fast at idle.(higher rpms compressor more efficient) so make sure that your fan on the engine is running when your at idle because that's going to create the flow of air. higher speeds the wind does it for you

1. How drastically do lease deals change from month to month (kia soul)?

i am 5' 2 a million/2 , a hundred and seventy pounds and that i do not appear like it. you will make a huge distinction in dropping the load. it is going to likely be annoying as quickly as you get to a hundred and fifty you will hit a stand nonetheless. do not provide up. I somewhat have problems as quickly as I get to that weight. I somewhat tend to pass actual back up in some weeks. you will see and so will your individuals see a adjustments as quickly as you are at a a hundred and fifty. One guy advised me that my butt became into smaller as quickly as I have been given to a hundred and fifty. I pray which you are making to the load and discern you want

2. First Car: 2014 KIA Soul or 2012 Volkswagen Golf?

I would not get either. And those should not be the only 2 cars to choose from. Think Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai. Kia would be 5th and VW way down the list. Also, you are comparing a car to an SUV. Why? Get a compact car. Not a VW. And not the tiny ones. Nissan Versa is crap. I drive a 2012 Mazda3 but would have been ok with any of the 4 above. I was not buying from a dealer. I bought a drug seizure for in between wholesale and private party value which probably saved me $700 off private party value and $2000 off retail. Mine had 4 and a half months left on the factory powertrain warranty which gave me comfort. But, I ended up needing 4 tires instead of just 2. (They were messed up from sitting for a year)

3. why wont my 2000 kia sportage start after i replaced the battery?

A car not starting can be caused by many reasons such as a bad starter, bad wiring, faulty fuel pump, etc. To pinpoint the cause, we recommend you visit your local Kia dealer service department to get your vehicle diagnosed. Raul Kia Social Team

4. KIA owners... past or present, pros & cons?

My father sells cars and he was manager of a company that had various franchises- Mazda, Jeep, Chrysler and also Kia. My sister and I have had 3 Kias between us- 2 Prides and 1 mentor and apart from not being the coolest cars on the planet, and the usual wear and tear, they are realiable, economical and environmentally friendly. the last one I had was a 1995 Pride and I sold it 2 years ago - it is still going strong! I only got rid of it as we were given another car by my Papa who was getting too old for his.

5. Have you ever owned a KIA?

NO, but my Grandson and Granddaughter- in -law have 2 and they are very good car and van! :-) // //

6. what that KIA SORENTO commercial song?

I want to find out what that song is as well. It's for the 2011 Kia Sorento SX, and you can see the video on their website

7. Question about 2002 KIA Spectra?

So why do you suppose we could recognise? We do not know something extra approximately the 2 vehicles than what you furnished. Which is that one is a 2002 Spectra, and one is a 2002 Sunfire. The mileage is not valuable within the slightest, so that you almost informed us not anything.

8. Why Hate Towards KIA cars?

Historically, Kia cars have been known for spotty reliability, cheap fit and finish, and derivative styling. Although they have come leaps and bounds in the past ten years, there are Americans who simply will not buy a car with a Korean marque's logo on it. I was very impressed with the driveability of the Kia Sorento I rented recently, but I did not find it quite as comfortable as the Mazda CX-5, and the sightlines were not as good as the GMC Acadia. It's also not as handsome as the new Ford Edge. In short, they build a good car, but in order to drain market share from the market leaders, you have to build a GREAT car. They ai not there yet.

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