Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell Like Fish?

if it's a central unit, change air filter, and have e-coil cleaned,also ducting maybe need to be replaced, if it has moldy smell, when a/c turns on. if,it is a window unit, clean filter, and e-coil

1. Does it cost more to turn off your air conditioner when it is cool outside, or to turn up the air??

It depends on if you are talking about a window unit or central air conditioning. Window units should be turned off when no one is in the room or you are gone for the day. For central AC leave the power on and set the thermostat to a temperature you and your roommate can agree to. However to save energy and costs set up the temperature 2 to 3 degrees higher when you leave the house. The act of shutting off the power makes no difference (Mom is right) since the thermostat controls the unit based on the temperature you set

2. What size window air conditioner should I get to supplement my central air?

When selecting HVAC units one of the things you want to avoid if possible is oversizing the unit. The reason for this is that a compressor cycling on and off a lot is going to fail sooner than one that runs more continuously. You will also be paying for the larger unit when you do not need to. With that said, in your case it's too difficult to be worth trying to calculate the actual load you need to meet in order to bring your bedroom down a few degrees. However, based on experience I do know that a few degrees difference will not require much extra load at all. Since your central system will keep running normally it will take less than 3000 BTU to give that little extra cooling you want. I am pretty sure they do not make them that small though, so just find the smallest one available and set it to the temperature you want. FYI, a decent 1800 sq ft house will usually have about a 36000BTU capacity unit. Unless you have a big house, an 18000BTU unit would be enough to cool half your house all by itself--major overkill for supplementing one bedroom with existing cooling.

3. Why didn't my car's air conditioner work very well yesterday?

High ambient temps combined with high humidity can cause the a/c not to cool very well. It's also possible that you have a mode or blend door actuator beginning to act up. That would have allowed heated air to enter into the cooled air stream lowering the cooling affect.

4. Why do some cars' air conditioner get warm/hot when the car is idle?

your engine spins lower RPMs which is affects the compressor for the air conditioner it might be a little low on refrigerant

5. Can I plug my air conditioner in on the same outlet as my stove?

530 is less than 5 amps so it should be fine although it will prob spike at about 10 amps when it turns on. The plus in using a power strip is that it will trip the breaker on the strip before tripping the breaker in the breaker box, which could be in another room or apt. Using a different outlet doesnt matter if it is on the same breaker.

6. Is it better to leave your whole house air conditioner on at night when the temperature is in the 60's?

i would open my windows to.as long as you are comfortable. saves on giving money to the electric company

7. Should I turn off the air conditioner when leaving the room?

i could think of an infrared sensor (no longer action sensor) could be a sturdy determination. you would be able to get courtroom situations that the AC is not working. they could say that they left the AC on and the room is not cool whilst they back (it is not). it is going to take some layout engineering artwork to get one that is stable. Or the sensor can change to a 2nd thermostat set to 85F that's no longer settable with the aid of the customer. i do no longer think of you genuinely need to permit the room to get too heat and humid - mould issues could desire to alter into an argument. yet another determination is to easily only can charge extra. $40 9/night vs $4 hundred/night is a extensive distinction. you may in all possibility double your fee and not consequence your earnings in any respect. yet i individually do not understand how your centers learn with the $4 hundred/night ones

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