Why Is My a/C (Air Conditioner) Spurting Water!?

It's installed wrong. It should be tilted slightly to the OUTSIDE so the condensation runs out. The water you hear is condensed humidity. It's totally normal, but should be running to the outside.

1. Does a good air conditioner help sell a house?

it will help if you live in a "hott" area, tranes are ok but carrier brand would have been better...small things that are costly will help sell your house. roof, windows, doors, new flooring, etc

2. Through wall room air conditioner?

You are looking for a ductless mini-split A/C

3. space heaters and air conditioner energy savers please?

Electric strip is the least efficient way to heat. It is resistive heat so what you put in is what you get out. 1:1 Heat pumps and compressors are motors and during optimal conditions a heat pump rates 4:1 compared to electric strips. The colder it gets outside, the less efficient the heatpump becomes and strip heat remains constant, until around 30 degrees outside and the strip is more efficient than the heatpump. That is why they use electric strip as backup or secondary heat. A heatpumps uses about 30 amps and the strip uses about 60 amps, depending on the size of the heatpump and the strip heat.

4. Air conditioner for stuffy office?

yes, just google for air purifier, some are quite affordable and they make a big difference to get better air and more oxygen in the room, you only need to open the window for 3-5 minutes every hour - that might be a cheap compromise until you get one

5. Air Conditioner On/Off?

I think off

6. What is the best app to control an air conditioner?

I'm assuming you are talking about a smart phone app and a stand alone AC unit. If the AC you want to control doesn't have a built in WiFi control then the only option you have is a WiFi enabled device to turn on and off the power with no thermostat control. A bit crude obviously. If this is what you want then the app you need to use would be dictated by the power switching device you use. If you are taking about a central air conditioning system, you can use a WiFi enabled thermostat. Again the app would be dictated by the thermostat hardware.What is the best app to control an air conditioner?.

7. How to efficiently run a home air conditioner unit?

It all depends on how big of an area it has to cool and the temperature difference between the outside and your preference. Office buildings run the AC at more or less the same temp 24 a day but there is a lot of open space that needs to be cooled. I would say that keeping the AC at 75 when you are at work and turning it to 72 when you get home is the best way to save on electricity as a decent AC will be able to bring the temperature down a few degrees rather quickly in an average house. I am also assuming that it's probably a little cooler outside when you get off of work then during the day. Quick tip: keep the vents and AC dust free for better efficiency.

8. Does a car takes gasoline to run the air conditioner??

God, the idiots are here tonight !!! I am glad you Bozo's are home playing on the computer and not out driving around !!!

9. house air conditioner not blowing out any air?

Hard to tell sight unseen. The evaporator coil could be icing over and preventing air flow. A properly running system should be able to cycle off after a 45 minute run at the most. If it will run for hours without cycling off there are problems best diagnosed and corrected by an HVAC specialist. Make a service call and get it checked as soon as possible.

10. How should I install my window mount air conditioner?

if they did not protrude you would not be able to install them in the window purchase a air conditioner that protrudes thru the wall

11. How to Maintain an Air Conditioner

In most air-conditioning systems, the condenser unit is located outside the house and is prone to accumulate dirt and debris from trees, lawn mowing, and airborne dust. The condenser has a fan that moves air across the condenser coil. You must clean the coil on the intake side, so, before you turn off the power to the air conditioner, check to see which direction the air moves across the coils. Here's how to clean the condenser: Step 1: Cut down any grass, weeds, or vines that have grown around condenser unit; they could be obstructing airflow. Step 2: Clean condenser with commercial coil cleaner, available at refrigerator supply stores. Instructions for use are included. Flush coil clean (do not use hose); let dry. Step 3: Clean fins with soft brush to remove accumulated dirt. You may have to remove protective grille to reach them. Do not clean fins with garden hose, as water could turn dirt into mud and compact it between fins. Clean fins very carefully: They are made of light-gauge aluminum and are easily damaged. If fins are bent, straighten them with fin comb, sold at most appliance parts stores. A fin comb is designed to slide into spaces between fins. Use it carefully to avoid damaging fins. Step 4: Check concrete pad on which condenser rests to make sure it's level. Set carpenters' level front to back and side to side on top of unit. If pad has settled, lift pad with pry bar or piece of 2-by-4, then force gravel or rocks under concrete to level it. During the fall and winter, outside condenser units should be protected from the elements to prevent leaf blockage and ice damage. Cover the condenser unit with a commercial condenser cover made to fit the shape of the unit or use heavy plastic sheeting secured with sturdy cord.

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Is It Possible to Use a Portable Air Conditioner Through a Garage Door?
Is It Possible to Use a Portable Air Conditioner Through a Garage Door?
It will operate, but I would not hold up hope for much cooling. A garage wo not be insulated, the door wo not be sealed, so you will be trying to cool 'the great outdoors'.1. Do you know of a window/portable air conditioner that is safe in a child's room?Portable air conditioners stay inside your room leaving just a hole for ventilation through your window. Your window stays closed and there should be no danger of anything falling out either. Hope that helps.2. Is it safe to use and rest my laptop on a portable air conditioner?No but an AC has a huge magnetic field, BAD for hard drive!3. will rain hurt my soleus air portable air conditioner?All things are possible, grasshopper. Your biggest hurdle will be getting the heat from the condenser outside of the room you are trying to cool. You can build ductwork out of plywood or cardboard to an open window. Pull the fridge away from the wall put it in front of a window, and put a fan behind the fridge to move the heat. Build your ductwork to send the heat outside. Remove the doors from the fridge. Point the fan into the freezer area and turn the fan on full blast. Adjust the temperature dial in your reefer/freezer/room A/C to the mid-point. Unscrew the light bulb (do not want that heat load). A refrigerator runs constantly as it is. The more air you can get across the indoor and outdoor coils will help remove the heat from your room. Be aware that a refrigerator is only designed to remove the heat from a 14 sq ft box, so the smaller your room is, the cooler you can get it. It wo not be able to cool off a 1500 sq ft house, but it could cool a 100 sq ft room. It will start to condense the water from the air in the room (mostly from you sweating and breathing), and start to run out the bottom of the fridge. you might need to run a condensate line out the door. Also the ice in the freezer compartment will thaw out; this is a good thing, as it is absorbing the heat in the room. If more ice forms, move your fan closer to the freezer area. Let us know how it works out4. Does the fan need to run all time on a portable air conditioner?No. Most newer units have a power saver fan switch that cycles the entire unit off when the demand thermostat setting has been reached. It may be advantageous, however to leave a continuous fan enabled to maintain air mixing and circulation in the conditioned area. Additionally, by maintaining air circulation, temperatures are held to a more consistent temperature throughout. Lastly, the effect of air movement will help to cool between compressor cycles.Does the fan need to run all time on a portable air conditioner?5. Which type of portable air conditioner is best for an attic bedroom? A portable floor unit? Or a window unit?A floor unit must have the heated side vented out some how or you will be just heating and cooling the same air in circles6. What is the best type of portable air conditioner to put in an apartment that has sliding windows (sideways, n?no kit that i ever heard of yet you are able to take the two abode windows out and positioned it in yet you wil ought to build some form of bracing to hold it. this is carried out, I even have,in case you recognize a thank you to construct issues7. How much does it cost to run a 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner?That will depend on several factors:The EER or SEER energy efficiency ratingTemperature and humidity in the spaceYour cost per kWh for electricity.Let's do an example for California:Most portable A/C units are about 10.0 EER (energy efficiency ratio). Let's assume your space is 70 degrees, with 50% RH. California is a very high cost, high tax, high regulation state, so electricity is about $0.40 kWh for many residents.A 10,000 BTU A/C unit will use 1,000 watts, or 1.0 kWh each hour. This is calculated by taking 10,000 (BTU) and dividing by 10. 0 EER (BTU /watt). This gives you 1,000 watts, so over 1 hour you will use 1 kWh (kilowatt/hour) which is the unit of energy billed by the power company. Look at your power bill for your average cost of electricity (ranges from $0.04 to $0.45 across the US), and that would be your hourly rate. In this example, a homeowner who pays an average of $0.40 per kWh, it would cost $0.40 per hour to run that 10,000 BTU air conditioner.How much does it cost to run a 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner?.
Are You Cut Out to Be a Hvac Service Technician?
Are You Cut Out to Be a Hvac Service Technician?
googletag.display("div-ad-articleLeader");Credit: HVAC Service IndustryHeating and air conditioning repair or service technicians along with installers are positions in demand throughout the largest portion of the United States, and other nations throughout the Spring and Summer.  While full time positions for the entire year are certainly available, the simple fact of the matter is that an air conditioner has more moving parts within it than does a furnace for heating, and what this boils down to is the fact  air conditioners have more need of repair, for having more parts likely to fail.Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration are all mechanical processes based on technology that isn't exactly new, but isn't likely at all to change or be improved upon in a significant way in our lifetimes.  The refrigeration cycle does not change, but new refrigerants come into the fold, and so new things must always be learned as the refrigerant itself is a product of new technology, but the manner of cycle in which it is used to cool, and in some cases, heat a home, does not and will not change.Electricity and electronics are forever a large part of the industry, and the workings of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, and just as with refrigeration's cycle - electricity, and the rules under which it functions - is a static thing.  Electricity does not change, but new modes of electrical controls in heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems do get designed and implemented within such systems.To become a top notch heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration technician - you need to have the ability to learn complex mechanical concepts.  The refrigeration cycle, however, is more physics than mechanics - there is a lot of science involved in this industry too.For myself, I had nothing in the way of mechanical experience when I started learning the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry.  I'd not recommend jumping into this industry without first having some experience or real interest in mechanical things, and repairing them.  Preferably, one should have some interest and experience in regards to repairing things that are both electrical and mechanical.  As for myself, I jumped into HVAC simply because the opportunity presented itself, and I was sure I could learn it, and do it.  While I certainly have learned to repair residential and light commercial HVAC equipment - it was far more difficult for me than it would have been for someone who had already had an interest in such things, and some experience in working on either electrical or mechanical devices.Can A Woman Become An HVAC Service TechnicianThere is absolutely no reason why a woman could not become an HVAC and refrigeration technician.  There is nothing in this world to display why a woman can not learn to do anything that a man can learn to do.  Women have just as much ability to learn scientific, or mechanical things as can any man.  As is always the case, some individuals have more talent for some things than others.As for myself, I am not a large man.  I stand five feet and nine inches high from the ground, and I weigh  about one hundred and fifty pounds.  I am, however, a man - and because of this, I am vastly stronger than the largest majority of women in this world of comparable size.  I am, however, often not strong enough to do all the lifting and moving of things like an a/c condenser on my own.  Oh I can move the things for sure, but I can not pick one up and put it into a van or the back of a pickup truck, and neither can I pick one up and put it onto the back of a trailer.  I can not tilt a large condenser back on a two wheel dolly, and then move it wherever it needs to go.  Yes, sometimes the use of a strap can allow me to do the tilting back onto a dolly thing....but then there is still the loading or unloading of a new or replaced condenser onto a van, pickup, or trailer.  So I have to have help with such things.  In this sense, I am no different from any woman.  Yes, there are six foot or even shorter or taller men who are vastly more powerfully built than I am, and they can do some things such as these on their own....but at their own peril do they do this.  We each get exactly ONE back in our lives, and a condenser is a heavy piece of equipment.There is a lot more, of course, to the heavy lifting in HVAC and refrigeration than moving around a condenser.  Vacuum pumps, recovery machines, jugs of refrigerant, bags of tools, there are so many very heavy things to be lifted that the job of HVAC and refrigeration service technician isn't "likely" to be suited to a woman, but if a female somewhere was fit for the job, and determined to do it, then far be it from me to say, "no."Literally, I'm a small man for this industry, but my somewhat small size has also made me rather useful in many ways - I can crawl into spaces where other men can not, and I can still move around and get to things others can not.  Literally, there have been jobs that would not and could not have got done without someone like me, a smaller than normal for the trade male, to go and do it.  So women smaller than myself, and not necessarily as stong as I, could certainly fill a roll in HVAC.  There is no doubt in my mind about this.There is Always Customer SERVICE In The Service Industry.In the field of HVAC, I have excelled in one area more than any other.  I can talk to people, and I can sense their moods, and I can simply get along with folks that other people are left clueless on how to deal with.  Little wonder that I have also in my working adult life excelled also in sales.  I can talk to you.  I can knock on your door, and you, a total stranger will not be suspicious of me, in fact, before we are done, you are very likely to offer me coffee, soda, water, beer even - we will respect each other, and we might become friends.The HVAC service technician has got to be a people person.  The HVAC service technician will be expected to meet and greet, and respect and be kind, thoughtful, and willing to listen to the many persons he or she will meet in the course of every single day on the job.  The HVAC service technician in a residential job will constantly be knocking on doors of absolute strangers, and going into their homes.  This can be a very uncomfortable thing for some persons, but it isn't for me.  I love that part of it.  If you do not like people, then rarely will your ability or skill in mechanics make this job one you can enjoy.In the commercial realm of HVAC/R, a less sociable or "people person" with high mechanical aptitude can be very useful.  Commercial equipment is very often more complex, and it certainly doesn't involve going into homes, but rather, businesses.  In commercial air conditioning the service technician deals less often with persons or personalities, or strange homes full of junk, or so pristine and clean that the technician has to adapt to things like taking off their shoes, or minding the cultural nuances of a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, or any other type of thing one must be ever mindful of.In some cases, commercial jobs are more taxing on social skill than are residential jobs, one just never knows what kind of person or social circumstance might be ran into in the HVAC/R service industry, and for this reason, one must ever be ready to be very polite, and very discerning of the current moods or circumstances of the customer.Environmental Factors For HVAC Service Technicians.The HVAC service technician is only truly needed when systems are down, or non existent.  The Service technician, then, must expect extreme environmental factors, and where I live in North East Texas, that means extreme HEAT.  You must be ready and able to meet the conditions head on, and if you are over weight, then these conditions will be all the more challenging for you.  A temperature out doors of over one hundred degrees can't be too much for you to handle, and handle for several hours at a time.I'm never one to tell someone how their hair must be, or how they must dress - but some companies think shorts are not business worthy....despite the persons making such decisions sitting in an office.  Hair  I don't do hair.  I shave mine off completely to where I look like a fresh recruit to the military, and this is what works best for me.  I'm at a luxury at present - I can wear a simple white t shirt, and shorts for the company I work for....but most often a uniform shirt is required, and so are jeans, and steel toe boots or shoes, and the footwear is per OSHA requirements.I'm not working in the city, I'm working in rural towns most often, and we don't care about OSHA requirements at all, but at our own peril.  I swear to you, I have never in my life seen an OSHA employee, and you are highly unlikely to ever see one either.  I've been doing this for fifteen years now.The heat outside, is hardly the issue.  The real issue is the heat in the attic of a home.  In residential applications of air conditioning, there is always the attic to consider.  Now it is absolutely true that in maybe half the cases or situations needing attending to, the air handler or furnace is NOT in the attic, but the ductwork of standard split systems is, and one might have to go into the attic to either repair an air handler, or some ductwork.  In Texas Summers, it might be over one hundred degrees outside, but in the attic of a residence, it might well be one hundred thirty, one hundred forty, or even higher.Now it is true that most HVAC companies will not send a man or woman into an attic in the heat of the day to do a major repair, they will most often tell the customer, via policy (the technician must relay this information most often) that the job simply can not be done during the hottest part of the day, and so it will be scheduled for a late evening or an early morning.  However, when initially arriving at a service call, when the problem seems likely to be something at the air handler in the attic, you must go up there, and you must figure out what that problem is, and sometimes it is a thing that can be done, and you must be able and willing to do it....regardless of if it is one hundred and fifty degrees fahrenheit in that attic.Can you do this  If you can not, then you can not be a HVAC service technician, and especially in the residential field.  You might be more suited to the commercial side of HVAC, but only if you are able to handle what is sometimes a more diverse set of mechanical and electrical problems, and those are likely to be on a rooftop of a building in the Sunshine, where it is also very hot.Pay, and recommendations.Most HVAC and refrigeration technicians are paid by the hour, and the hourly wages range from around twelve dollars an hour on the low side, all the way up to twenty five dollars an hour for top notch commercial HVAC technicians.  I personally took a course from a man who stated he knew a guy who made thirty five dollars per hour in the HVAC industry, but the man was a total savant concerning these mechanical and electrical systems, and that he was only sent on the most complex commercial service calls.  This was, however, a long while ago - and so at this time, wages might be higher than that for some persons.An HVAC service technician can always go higher in their field, and then become a contractor with a state license for HVAC/R, and when this is the case, or has been achieved, then the person can then charge what they wish, and play the market.  They will then rely entirely upon their own skills in managing a business, earning a reputation, and securing their customers and pay, while maintaining their stock of parts, tools, and equipment.Sometimes a person can become very wealthy doing this, growing a  company, hiring great talents and managing people.  Becoming a millionaire businessman isn't unheard of, and in fact, I have worked for some persons that were just that, millionaires.It is anything but easy, and the work itself requires a lot os skill.My recommendations are primarily for ex military persons, and in fact, one can learn the trade entirely in the military - then go on to civilian jobs, and greater pay.  An ex marine would be super capable of jumping into a super hot attic to do what must be done, but the crux of the matter is the person must have the skill to figure out just what the problem is, and handle it in a timely manner....the clock towards heat stroke or death is ticking in such situations, and it is ticking outside in the Sunshine too, though at a lesser pace.  Army personnel having spent time in Arab lands are also equally suited to this work, so long as they are capable of doing it, being polite, sociable, and have mechanical and electrical skill.There is also the issue of the loads of paperwork that must be done, and the issue of breaking to a customer the news when their situation is best handled by replacing expensive things....despite their financially taxed situation (pun intended).Are you right for the HVAC industry  No, only you can answer that.  Not I.  It can be very rewarding, it is a stable industry with high demands for persons able to do the work, and for skilled minds, labor, and then come the financial rewards.Are you right for the HVAC/R industry  You decide.function articleAdMiddleLoad()if (typeof jQuery != "undefined") var lastPosition = 0;var minimumDistanceBetweenAds = 1200;var minimumDistanceFromBottom = 300;var adsToPlace = 20;for(var i = 1; i 0// element is after last placed ad&& !$(this).hasClass("articleAdMiddle")// element is not an ad&& ($(this).position().top - lastPosition > minimumDistanceBetweenAds // enough space between ads&& $(".articleText").height() - $(this).position().top > minimumDistanceFromBottom// enough space from the bottom of the article|| $(this).prev().hasClass("articleSlideshow") // previous element is a slideshow))$(this).before($("#articleAdMiddle" i));googletag.display("div-ad-articleMiddle" i);lastPosition = $(this).position().top;spotFound = true;return false;);// If no spot can be found, stop the loop and remove any remaining banner slots.if(!spotFound)for(var j = i; j
Exotic Car Rentals for Your Las Vegas Wedding
More people choose to get married in Las Vegas each year than anywhere else in the United States. And why not? An important factor often overlooked when planning your wedding is the car you choose to drive in. Sure you can go the usual route and hire a limo service. But you can also opt for renting an exotic, over to top luxury vehicle to get you to and from your wedding.Las Vegas has wedding chapels on every corner and you can choose from quick and simple to elaborate and lavish Vegas Style. A Las Vegas Wedding is certainly a once in a lifetime event. Las Vegas is known for its reputation as a city that provides the most incredible options for weddings on the globe. From a simple wedding at a small 24 hour chapel to an all out extravaganza at one of the city's glitzy casinos, your choices are as endless as your imagination. If you come to Las Vegas to get married in style you will certainly want to choose the right vehicle to drive around town in after the wedding as you enjoy one of the top honeymoon locations in the world. If there is one thing that this city is known for it is flash and you don't want to drive to and from your exotic Las Vegas wedding in a boring car.Getting married is one of life's most cherished and important experiences. A Las Vegas wedding can be absolute perfection. You spend so much time carefully planning and selecting the right dress, flowers and food choices for your reception. So choosing the right vehicle to drive you to and from your wedding is just as important for your perfect day to transport the entire wedding party to and from the festivities. You'll certainly want something luxurious without the classic "just married" sign on the rear bumper. There are many exciting cars to choose from and you can make an elegant selection for your Las Vegas wedding transportation needs. For such an important event, it just seems right to treat yourself to an exotic car rental.Let's face it, Las Vegas is glamorous and you need a car that lives up the city's reputation to make your wedding experience complete. Las Vegas is known for its hot weather and the whole wedding could be ruined if the air conditioner isn't keeping the bride cool enough. A luxury car rental will assure that the bride remains cool as a cucumber and has an enjoyable experience at her wedding. Keeping cool is vital for attractive wedding photos because nobody looks good with sweaty hair.Yes, Las Vegas is the most opulent and extravagant city in the United States and hosts the most weddings because of it. Your Las Vegas wedding won't be complete without a car that is as fancy and luxurious as the city itself. Your special day requires planning to make sure it will become a part of your most cherished memories; the day you get married and bind your lives together forever. This is the best way to make sure that these memories are happy and match up with the entire Las Vegas wedding image you are creating.
6 Reasons Why Your Car Air Conditioner Is Not Blowing Cold Air
With the general expectation of feeling the cool air on switching on your air conditioner, the confusion is when you are treated with warm air instead. There could be several causes of why your air conditioner is blowing hot air instead of cold. The various reasons why your air conditioning is not working and not providing cool air could be related to the overall repair or service requirement for the multiple components that contribute to a car's cooling mechanism.I have a 2003 Lincoln ls the air conditioner isn't cooling what could be wrong with I beside low on freion?A faulty air compressor unitMy Nissan Xtera's air conditioner only cools sometimes?moisture in the systemWhat's the best shampoo and conditioner for damaged/dry hair?Heads And Shoulders :DIs it okay to use a conditioner meant for people on dogs?baby shampoo only, but otherwise it will dry the skin outAir conditioner is broken, how do I keep my computer cool?put your desktop on an open surface with nothing around it. If you place it in like a box or have many objects around it that will cause the heat from the computer to heat up the air around it which is being blocked in by all those objects or a box which in turn is heating your computer even more. Also if you have a small fan if you place it next to or blowing in the direction of your desktop this will help to keep it cool. I would not suggest leaving your computer on 24.7 while your air is broke and when it reaches those low 90s i would suggest powering down your computer until the temp drops. Oh one more thing do not have your computer near a window where the sun will beat down on it.What shampoo/conditioner do you use to get soft hair?and your a guy? ...interestingcan fish and turtle water conditioner be interchangeable?it's similar, but do not buy cheap crap, I use Amquel (because our tap water has chloromine in it in addition to chlorine) and Novaqua. note: if mom's worried about the cost of water conditioner I am betting you do not have the proper equipment for the turtle. If you do not have heat lamp, aquarium heater, UV light, a big filter, and a varied diet of bugs, worms, live fish etc. and proper calcium and vitamin supplements, then your turtle will die in about a year of bone disease, malnutrition and internal infections, including respiratory infections.good shampoo and conditioner for dry, frizzy, damaged colored hair?i prefer head & shoulders shampoo to control dandruff and to look silky hairIs Motions shampoo and conditioner a good to use on ethnic hair, with Mr.Miracle foam & leave in condition?Hey there....Dimethocone is not bad if used in small quantities. And Dr. Miracles is not very good from what I hear. I know of a great forum that's all about black women growing their hair out, mostly doing it themselves. It's called Long Hair Care Forum, and I love it! My hair has gone from nothing to something in a matter of a month! The link is in the source list. Just look over it, it will definitely help you out. **Hope that helps**Should the air coming out of my air conditioner unit (outside at the unit not in the house) be warm or cool?while working a warmth pump in the 'established' warmth mode on the t-stat, the outdoor unit ought to consistently be working different than for some varieties of circumstances. the 1st reason, and maximum difficulty-unfastened reason that a warmth pump does not be working mutually as there's a call of warmth is while the warmth pump is in defrost, and technically, that's nevertheless working in the example. It purely cuts of the fan motor so except your status appropriate next to it it may be complicated to tell that's working. mutually as that's in defrost that's rather working the warmth pump in the aircon mode (it cuts the indoor "axillary" warmers directly to maintain your place from getting chilly) to pump warm gasoline in the process the outdoor coil to knock any ice off. that's difficulty-unfastened to work out the warmth pump spewing an excellent cloud of water vapor as this warm gasoline hits the ice in this mode. the 2d reason the outdoor unit could be off mutually as in the warmth mode is that the outdoor air has reached such a low temperature, that a sensor in the outdoor unit cuts the warmth pump off. that's because of the fact, as a prior poster noted, that once you start up getting down into the Nineteen Twenties, there is not any longer adequate warmth in the outdoor air to %. up and flow indoors. The good judgment in the controls of the warmth pump has a preset temperature the place it acknowledges this concern and cuts the outdoor unit off and we could the indoor warmers run to warmth. The 0.33 difficulty the place the warmth pump could be off in the warmth mode is there is a few difficulty with the outdoor unit or the controls of the warmth pump this is combating the unit from working. the opportunities indexed right here are too many to record right here. If that's going to become obvious that that's purely no longer working while that's meant to be, i could recommend switching the t-stat into 'emergency warmth' which will take the warmth pump out of the image. Then call a qualified HVAC company to return out and be sure what the undertaking is. warmth pumps are incredibly complicated and pricey to change, so no longer letting this difficulty proceed on is on your maximum suitable activity
New Furnace & Air Conditioner -- HELP!?
Your best bet is to have a few local contractors come out and give you a quote. They would have to see the set-up and do a load calculation in order to give you a quote. You are not going to find any good info on pricing on the internet.1. American Standard Air Conditioner Blower Fan?Call a Tech even if you do not have ice on the lines does not means the coil is not frozen, slim that the fan needs to be reset. Also possible you have a dirty filter or even not enough refrigerant in system i have found most people can not feel room temp air blowing out of a vent2. My cat is afraid of the air conditioner?Well wat you can try to is to like hide or stang under or next to the air con for a long tym and pretend dat you need her to come and help you do somethi act as if your in trouble am sure your cat will come jumping and running and try to help you . Or you can either put the litter boc next to the bed and shell will go wen she wants then you cqn start moving it little buy little until it gets to the air con and then u start playing around the air con whith her and she will get. use to it3. Wall unit air conditioner filling with water.?i did this in my abode . because of the fact the hot air conditioner are smaller and positioned out greater air . in case you purchase one little smaller then the hollow, make a physique to put in the hollow. then you definately could additionally make a image physique on the out edge to gown it up you would be ok that way and it will shop you a selection of of money. handly guy at artwork solid luck.4. Smoke coming out of air conditioner vents in car?Do not worry, it's just water vapor, not smoke. Same as when you open your refrigerator, sometimes you see a fog of vapor in there when the warm outside air hits it5. white powdery dust from air conditioner?I suspect that you may be getting insulation blowing in around your vents from the attic. This is easy enough to determine . Simply gather up a plie of the dust in your fingers. If it is fibrous and spongy, it is most likely insulation. To further confirm, you might want to take a sample from your attic and compare the two. If this proves to be the case, here is the fix: Remove the a/c grilles from the ceiling and clean them. Using latex caulk, carefully seal the opening around the metal can in the ceiling where it abuts the drywall. Work this in with your finger for a good seal. After your grilles are dry, replace them. After you are sure the problem is resolved, have the ducts cleaned to remove the balance of loose fiberglass from the ducts. There are two other possibilites in the event the dust proves to be granular and not fibrous. If you have had you attic dusted for carpenter ants, the Borax-based powder may have been pulled in to the ducts through leaks and disseminated throughout the home. This powder is very abrasive and tough on the lungs. The material must be removed from the areas on and around the ducts, and the ducts must be thoroughly cleaned. This expense should be born by the pest control company, as this product should never be applied near an air distribution system. Another scenario that I have encountered is less likely, but still a possibility. If the dust is metallic, particularly aluminum dust, the evaporator coil may be deteriorating. This can be a reaction to cleaning with acid, or simply a manufacturer's defect. This will require replacement of the defective coil and a thorough duct cleaning. I encountered an extremely unusual scenario that I will list, even though it most likely will not apply. A client had installed ozone-producing u.v. lights in his duct system. The ozone broke down the protective scrim of the fiberglass ductboard, and the air movement across the exposed fiberglass released a considerable amount of dust throughout the ducts and the home. This required replacing that section of duct and cleaning the loose fiberglass from the duct system. I hope you can find the solution to your problem in one of these examples. Good luck and God bless you!
Review SOLEUS AIR PSX-1001 10,000 Cooling Capacity (BTU) Portable Air Conditioner
Review SOLEUS AIR PSX-10-01 10,000 Cooling Capacity (BTU) Portable Air ConditionerBuy Link: CLICK HERESOLEUS AIR PSX-10-01 10,000 Cooling Capacity (BTU) Portable Air Conditioner Product Description:SOLEUS AIR PSX-10-01 10,000 Cooling Capacity (BTU) Portable Air Conditioner. SOLEUS AIR PSX-10-01 10,000 Cooling Capacity (BTU) Portable Air Conditioner Operating Room Size (Approx.): 350 Sq. Ft. Description: The SoleusAir 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner with MyTemp remote control is packed with industry-leading features that are ready to use right out of the box. The smart design makes this air conditioner easy to install and simple to operate. Choose from 3 fan speeds in cooling or fan-only modes for customized airflow. Turbo Cool runs the unit on high for 10 minutes at the lowest possible temperature setting to cool down the room quickly. Activate the MyTemp Sensor on the remote control and relax anywhere in the room while the air conditioner cools to your exact location. Plus, the Dry mode operates the unit as a stand-alone evaporative dehumidifier. Height: 27.13" Width: 17.00" Depth (w/ Front): 12.38" Unit Weight: 54.00 lbs.. Price: 319.99 USD. Sale Price: 319.99 USD.The SOLEUS AIR PSX-10-01 10,000 Cooling Capacity (BTU) Portable Air Conditioner is certainly that and will be a great buy. For this price, the SOLEUS AIR PSX-10-01 10,000 Cooling Capacity (BTU) Portable Air Conditioner is highly recommended and is a popular choice with lots of people.Buy SOLEUS AIR PSX-10-01 10,000 Cooling Capacity (BTU) Portable Air ConditionerThe 10 Smallest Portable Air Conditioners For 2021: Top Picks and Buying GuideLooking for a small portable AC to cool a room? You've come to the right place. Portable air conditioners are great for those who do not have a central AC system or want to save on energy bills by only cooling the room in use. A portable AC uses less energy than a central room air conditioner and is more versatile since you can move it from room to room. But the term 'portable AC' can be misleading. Some portable ACs weigh 80 lbs or more and require semi-permanent ventilation - making it next to impossible to move, once installed. But let's be honest: for most homes and most rooms, a small portable air conditioner is all you need. Even better, smaller portable AC units cost a lot less, work in more rooms, and are truly portable. Why Smaller is (Usually) Better The bigger a portable conditioner is, the more powerful it is, meaning it will cool a space faster. But a large portable AC is not always the best choice for cooling a room. If it is too big (in terms of BTUs) for the room you are using it in, it can actually make the environment more uncomfortable. According to the Department of Energy, a too-large AC is inefficient at both cooling and dehumidification. It will leave the room feeling clammy and uncomfortable. A smaller AC unit that's matched to the room size cools and dehumidifies more effectively and operates using less power. In addition to the energy-saving and better cooling performance, a small AC takes up less space and is easier to move from room to room. Choosing the Best Small Portable AC for Your Home Pay attention to the BTUs of the portable AC you plan to buy. Portable air conditioners typically start at 5,500 BTUs. This is ideal for small rooms of up to 150 square feet. Most homes will find an 8,000-BTU portable AC to be the best. It can cool a room of up to 350 sq. Ft. Of course, a small portable AC is not always the best choice. If you have fairly large rooms at home, you do not want to get an underpowered AC. It will waste as much power as an oversized one as it attempts to cool the entire room. So, depending on your room size, you may need to go up to 10,000 BTUs or 14,000 BTUs. For a complete AC sizing guide, see the sizing table below the reviews. The BLACK DECKER BPACT08WT portable AC is rated at 8,000 BTUs, which feels like it should be able to cool a room larger than the 100-150 sq. Ft. The manufacturer recommends. But, perhaps because of some design feature, Black Decker recommends it for small rooms only. The upside of having more BTUs is that it cools the room fast, faster than most other portable ACs. This is especially noticeable on hot days. You will feel the difference in just a few minutes after switching it on. Not only does it cool fast, but it also cools evenly. This is because air moves in a vertical motion as it comes out of the vents. So instead of cooling only one side of the room, it is spread out everywhere. You can select from four fan speed setting. High: Fan spins fastest to distribute more cooling air and lower the room temperature faster. The AC gets somewhat noisy at this setting. Med: Balances between performance and noise level. This setting is ideal for maintaining the room at a certain temperature. Low: The slowest fan speed. Ideal for colder days or at night when you want to reduce the noise level. Auto: The AC will automatically select the best fan speed to achieve the set temperature. For convenience, leave it in this mode. This is a 3-in-1 portable air conditioner: cooling, fan-only, and dehumidification. The built-in dehumidifier reduces moisture in the air though Black Decker does not specify its dehumidification capacity (the amount of moisture it can extract from the air per day). When it extracts excess moisture from the air, it has to take it somewhere. In some portable ACs, you have to set up a drainage system to collect the water. You do not need to do that with the BLACK DECKER BPACT08WT. It has an auto-evaporation feature. It exhausts hot air from the room along with moisture. However, on particularly humid days or if you turn on the dehumidification feature for a prolonged period, the moisture may be too much for the AC to auto-evaporate. You will need to drain the AC occasionally to remove excess condensation. The control panel will alert you when the internal reservoir fills up. But in most cases, the auto-evaporation feature is enough, saving you the trouble of connecting a drain hose or using a bucket. The BLACK DECKER BPACT08WT comes with a complete window kit that includes a hose (max length - 4'11"), inlet and outlet adapters for the hose and an adjustable window bracket. The window kit works with both vertical and horizontal slider windows. You can also install it to vent through a sliding door. The window kit is super easy to install. You do not need to screw anything. Just fit the bracket into the window and close the window. That should hold it tight in place. If you need to use the AC in another room, it's easy to take it down. Cool: This is the cooling mode. You can set a target temperature anywhere between 62F and 86F and select your desired fan speed. Dry: This is the dehumidification mode. You can set your desired humidity level, but you cannot change temperature or fan speed. The unit will operate at a low fan speed until the room has been dehumidified. Fan: If you only want mild cooling, the fan mode is ideal. It turns off AC cooling, leaving only the fan to circulate air in the room gently. Auto mode: In this mode, the unit will select the right mode (between cool and fan) and fan speed based on the target temperature you've selected. There's no limit to the size of the room you can dehumidify with the hOmeLabs portable AC. It can dehumidify any space from a small home office to an open style loft apartment. According to the manufacturer, it's good for any space up to 5,500 square feet. But remember that that's only for dehumidification. For cooling, the limit is 600 square feet. If you want to dehumidify a large space, make sure you've selected the DRY mode. You also need to connect the drain line to the port at the back. The AC does not have a built-in reservoir. So continuous drainage is a must. The drainage is gravity-fed so ensure you direct the hose somewhere where the water will flow easily on its own. The drain port is located in the middle of the unit at the back. So you can easily direct the water to drain in a pan or bucket on the floor. In dehumidification (Dry) mode, you cannot select temperature or fan speed. But you can select your preferred humidity level. The unit will operate at the lowest fan speed until it achieves the target humidity level. The hOmeLabs AC comes with a complete window kit that is easy to set up. The kit includes window sliders, the exhaust hose, foam seals and adaptors. The two window sliders can be adjusted to fit windows between 26.5" and 48" wide (or high, if you have vertical sliding windows). If your window is smaller than 26.5", you can cut one of the sliders to fit. Unlike most ACs, the hOmeLabs includes foam adhesives that you place around the window frame for an airtight fit. This prevents outdoor air or warm exhaust air from coming into the room. Most customers said it took them less than 10 minutes to have the window kit set up. It's also easy to take it down when you want to use the AC in another room. Note: You do not need to set up the window kit when using the DRY mode. Do I have to vent a portable AC out of the window? A portable AC needs ventilation to release heat outside. The window is the easiest and the most convenient place to vent the AC. But if the room does not have a window or you have a non-compatible window (portable ACs work only with sliding windows), you can set it up to vent through a sliding door, a hole in the wall leading outside or into the garage or through a drop ceiling. These alternatives will require a bit of DIY-ing to work, and you may face some limitations depending on where you live. Are there portable air conditioners without exhaust? Evaporative air conditioners, also called swamp coolers, do not have any exhaust. They work by introducing moisture-cooled air into the room rather than extracting heat. So you do not need to set up any venting. Is a portable AC as good as a window unit? A portable AC uses slightly more energy than a window AC, but it works just as well. Of course, you have to make sure you select the right size (in BTUs) for the room. A portable AC has several advantages over a window unit. It is easier to install (requires no installation really; just ventilation). Besides this, it is easier to move to another room, and operate more quietly than a window AC. It depends on the size of the AC, its efficiency, room size, and temperature. A higher BTU AC will use more energy. An air conditioner cooling a large room or working in hot weather will also use more power since it has to work harder. Generally, it costs about $2.84 a day to run a small compact AC for 8 hours a day. A larger unit will cost anywhere between $3 and $6. To get more accurate figures, check the wattage of the AC. Multiply that by the average number of hours you will be using it per day and then divide the result by 1,000 to get the daily consumption in kilowatt-hours. Multiply that with the unit cost of a kWh your utility charges to see how much the AC costs to run per day. Note: To reduce consumption, look for ACs with energy-saving features such as auto mode and eco mode. Do portable air conditioners need to be drained? If your air conditioner is self-evaporative, you wo not need to drain it during normal use. It will exhaust moisture out of the window together with the hot air. But if there is a lot of humidity, you may need to connect a hose to the drain port to remove the condensate. Some ACs do not have a self-evaporative feature. You have to keep a drain hose connected all the time. Not really, unless you live in an open style loft apartment with no dividing walls. In a normal home, even if you buy a powerful 14,000 BTU air conditioner, the fan can not move the air efficiently to all rooms. If you need constant cooling in different rooms, consider buying two or three smaller portable ACs instead of one big one. Most portable ACs sound like a desktop fan. But the noise level depends on the design and quality of the AC. Some brands are quieter than others. If the AC is too loud, select lower fan speed. It will take longer to cool the room, but it will be quieter. Which is the lightest portable AC in our buying guide? The Honeywell MO08CESWK is the lightest portable AC in our buying guide, weighing 43lbs. The Evapolar evaCHILL is the lightest swamp cooler we've reviewed at just 2.78lbs. At the lower end, small portable ACs designed for small rooms cost between $200 and $350. Larger units that can cool a medium-size room cost between $350 and $500. High-end portable ACs cost around $500 to $700. These units have more cooling power and high dehumidifying capacity. If you are looking for a swamp cooler, you can get a good-sized unit for under $200 and mini personal coolers for less than $100.
How to Fix My Home Air Conditioner, It Is Making a Loud Rattling Sound and the Fan Is Extremely Loud
Probably a squirrel cage fan that the shaft has gone bad or bearing has come loose or fan has slipped on shaft either rubbing housing or unbalanced. You will have to get to fan to repair or replace. Immediately if not sooner as you could loose your compressor or evaporator coils or both.1. Where is the AC Evaporator on a 1999 Chevy Suburban C1500 2WD?its no longer elementary or inexpensive yet ud want to diminish a hollow contained in the floor board for the 4x4 shifter and ull be needing a 4x4 tranny and transfercase which contain the linkage and shifter knob all that. ull want to fabricate the front end reason it will desire a the front differential. ULL be welding and reducing to make the front end artwork, a ninety 9 could have the electric powered push buttonswitch for 4x4 extremely of the guide shifter contained in the floor so examine on that earlier u decrease an finished reason i ignore. it may be very complicated. ... ur modifying alot of the truck to make it 4x4. also DONT ignore the wide OR DEAL OF THE REAR end equipment RATIO could tournament the front equipment RATIO FOR 4X4 TO artwork proper. and it must be performed proper for the frontchronic shaft ull be getting to compare up. dont ignore the added stabalizers and all ur extra steeering stuff. they are slightly diverse2. How do I clean the evaporator on a 1999 Chrysler LHS?You can find several products at the parts store that will do this. One is by BG called frigi fresh. You just spray them through the fresh air vent. They work too3. Smell when hvac sytem turns on and appears to be mold growth ouside inside evaporator coil in attic?This sounds to me like the filter was never changed and the condensate drain was never serviced. the growth in those things can get pretty stinky.... I doubt if the coil needs to be replaced, but it needs to be cleaned & sanitized. What does it all mean? It means you need to be pro-active and a more responsible owner as far as your HVAC system is concerned. Of course you can always just leave it all to us..... keep your check book handy4. 98 Buick Lesabre evaporator coil?Unless you are taking it out and replacing it, there is no reason to access it. There is nothing serviceable. But anyways, it under your dashboard, in the same ductwork as your heater core. Get to it through the glove box, or underneath, taking off the lower ductwork.5. evaporator is freezing up on 04 dodge ram cummins?Need to get into the housing and clean it out with a water hose As it has dirt >pet hair> Smoke>Try squirting water up the drain> Run it on outside air>There is a build up on the fins what hold moisture and freeze up>6. MY AC UNIT IS ICING AT THE COMPRESSOR AND SUCTION LINE. HEAD PRESSURE IS 250PSI,SUCTION LINE PRESSURE 45PSI?It sounds like it is overcharged to me but I would need to know the ambient temperature and check and make sure all is okay at the evaporator. But if you are getting liquid clear back to the compressor in the suction line it is overcharged or you are not getting enough heat transfer at the evaporator. You are not trying to run it in the cold with a cold house, are you? Make sure your filters and evaporator are clean, most of the vents open, and the fan running on high. I do not suspect the expansion valve or your high side would not be that high.7. Cleaning Evaporator Coils (air handler)?Before you start using off-label products, give a whirl at some evaporator coil cleaner. I would much rather you spent a long time working at it with a chemical that just barely gets the job done, than switch up to something stronger, harsher, that damages the coil. Yes, you would rather get things done easily but if you ruin your coil, that's going to be a big, painful bill to pay just for trying to save a little time and effort. Evaporator coil cleaner can be found at HVAC supply houses - check your Yellow Pages - and some appliance parts dealers. [edit] I strongly doubt what you are calling "lime scale" is actually scale. The moisture that forms on your evaporator coils is pure water condensed directly out of the air - it does not have any minerals in it. It's the purest water in your house, or at least it is until it gets to the gunk that's growing in your condensate pan.
I Have No Air Conditioner! How Do I Stay Cool for Cheap?
Install a ceiling fan. They also cost much less to operate than air conditioning. If you have any doubt about your ability to wire the fan, hire a licensed electrician to do the job.1. should the use of civilian nuclear power be allowed or not?Sorry, but I disagree heartily. We are rapidly depleting our worldwide reserves of fossil fuels. We have doomsayers screaming on the street corners about the horrors of hydrocarbon pollution. (Personally I think most of what they spout is pure crap.) There is only one solution to both problems that do not involve a general reduction of the standard of living in Industrialized Societies. That solution is nuclear energy. Are there dangers inherent with the use of nuclear energy? Sure there are, but there are also inherent dangers of living downstream of a hydroelectric dam. Nuclear energy is clean. It does not produce the vast clouds of sulfurous smoke of a coal fired plant (which produces acid rain), and it does not drown thousands of acres of food producing land. Nuclear power plants do not cause acid rain, they do not pollute the atmosphere, or the waters. In the sixty odd years that nuclear electric energy has been available, I can think of only two major would isasters", i.e. Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. There are more lethal accidents than those annually in the US non-nuclear power industry alone. The nuclear power industry has the best safety record of any industry you would care to name/ Look, I enjoy Mother Earth News, and the FoxFire Books as well as the next fellow. But that does not mean i want to trade my Ford pickup for a mule and wagon, or electric lights and air conditioning for kerosene lamps and sweating my A$$ off indoors and outdoors as well. That means we need to get off our a$$es and build more nuclear power plants, and encourage research to make them even safer and less polluting than they are already. Doc Hudson2. can someone please talk me out of wanting a motorcycle?I am 17, I do ride bikes, because I do not have my car licence and its fun. But, i know of so many people who have been seriously injured or killed. Pretty much every biker i know has crashed. I had a friend who was riding sensibly on the highway and he rode over a piece of moss on the ground while taking a corner at 80 kmph maybe about 50miles or so, and it threw him off his bike and threw him into a barbed wire fence and cut him into 5 pieces. Sliced through him like butter. Sure biking has its up points, awesome feeling of acceleration and cornering and freedom. But most of the time youre either way too hot and sweaty or your soo freezing and u wish you were in a car with air conditioning. and Your back gets sore after a while. It is very fun at times but yes it is dangerous. JUst in the last 6 months ive had a few near misses from dickheads on the road. and would have been fine in a car if they did follow through, but not so on a bike. I also have another friend who was dumb one time like u said u might be, went 300kmph up the highway, (190 mph) and his engine seized from him working it too hard, and it though him at a tree at 300kmph. he lived just, but hes in a wheelchair and cannot move his arms or legs and hes brain damaged. cant speak and hes now dumber than a newborn baby. So take that into consideration. Sure if youre a sensible rider like most of us bikers are then your chances of anything happening are reduced, but most accidents are cause by car drivers not seeing us and natural occurances like wet roads or gravel etc3. What country absorbs more CO2 than it gives off?Nations where the trees and other vegetation have not been removed and replaced with industrialized sorts of things (factories, houses, farmland, roads, office buildings, apartment blocks, skyscrapers, cement plants, power plants, mines) and where the people of the nation do not use fuel-powered vehicles, buildings or improvements with air conditioning or lights on any large scale
Why Does Water Drop From the Bottom of My Wall Air Conditioner Inside My House?
Yes, it is condensation and part of how air conditioners work. It will rot your wall. The A/C needs to be tilted back and positioned a little better1. How much electricity does a GE wall air conditioner use?That would depend on how many BTU the Air conditioner puts out2. should the vent be open or closed on a wall air conditioner unit?Open if you just want to bring fresh air in. Closed if you are running the unit in cooling mode. It makes the AC work harder by trying to cool the outside air being drawn in.3. How can you put a Wall air conditioner in the Window?Window or though the wall air conditioners used for room cooling consist of three basic parts: Check out these tips...4. how do i find the right in wall air conditioner?Rather than guesgoogle some clearly do, go to a manufactures site. They have calculations you can use based on square feet of the room and appliances in said room5. How can I add a separate thermostat to my wall air conditioner?Sounds like you have a faulty thermostat or the the unit compressor may be shutting off during peak usage and is able to catch up at night when it cools off. If your unit has not been serviced in a while it could be the problem. Dirty outdoor coil would elevate the discharge pressures and put strain on the compressor and cause it to cycle off even though the fan is still running. This could be causing the erratic temperature swings your experiencing. Installing an accessory thermostat could be a waste of time and money. It's usually best to not try to redesign the unit.6. Does the "fan" setting on my in-wall air conditioner use more electricity than a regular fan?I would think they will both use close to the same electricity and if one uses any more, it would not be enough to compare since a smaller motor runs the squirrel cage type fan in the A/C while a regular fan would have to make more rpm's to make the same flow7. Will a regular fan use less electricity than a in wall air conditioner?the fan will definetly be cheaper, I have relatives that only use a fan and their bill is only like $35 or something. But they dont use it 24/78. how do i cut a hole in the wall for an air conditioner to go in?cutting the hole is the easy part. mark out the hole by measuring the unit then transfer the layout to the wall. use a drywall saw on the interior to cut JUST the drywall. now you can see if you have wiring and/or plumbing to reroute. the last thing you want to do is hit a live electrical line or a water pipe with a sawsaz. after you move things around then get out the sawsaz and cut the studs. use scrap 2X4's, cut them to fit in between the stud cavities, put them in flush to the cut drywall and screw through the drywall into the wood. you dont really need to screw or nail in to the studs, this is just to cover the openings its not a header. use a drill and drill a hole in all 4 corners through the siding. then outside use a straight edge and mark out the opening. use a circular saw set to just slightly deeper than the siding is thick. slide the unit in and make sure that you run a bead of clear silicone around the opening to make a good seal. now you have to flash the outside and i recommend using a tube of Black Jack to seal the opening between the A/C unit and the opening. its made for roofing and will remain tacky and be able to expand and contract with the weather9. how to change a filter in a really old ge in wall air conditioner unit?In an old one, you probably can not just order a replacement filter. The thing to do is buy a "cut to size" furnace filter and use the old one as a template10. Regarding "through the wall" air conditioner sleeve rear grille...?No, it can be now not flawed. I work within the seventh circle of hell. The a/c is about at seventy four levels and when it's 98 degrees external with 89% humidity, it's hotter than hell within the office. I sweat like a hog on a daily basis. God forbid I put on whatever that is no longer one hundred% cotton when you consider that i will be depressing all day. I might as a substitute freeze my ya-ya's off and have my nips poking right out of my shirt any day of the week. Are you guys hiring?!
Wall Air Conditioner That Only Requires a 5" Exit Round Exhaust Hole?
Do any of your neighbors have a similar exhaust port? You can benefit from their experience by asking them what they used with it. Your condo association may also have suggestions• Related QuestionsWhat size BTU air conditioner will I need?cord length is consistent with amps which will maximum in all probability be on the information plate, i might desire to wager and supply you the favored yet in certainty, some fashions do purely not persist with the favored, customary------wall air conditioner leaking?It probably the condensation from the cooling coils dripping inside instead of outside (like it should). Make sure the AC is tipped back towards the outside a little bit so the water runs out instead of in------how to change a filter in a really old ge in wall air conditioner unit?the front panel will come forward lift on the bottom and pull out on the top and it will pivot on the bottom exposing the filter clean filter by washing it out and put back in unit------i got a kenmore air conditioner model # 580.76129300. do i have to change a filter on it?All a/c must have their filters changed periodically.Some of the window units have a indicators light on them when they need changing or cleaned.Split units(condenser unit outside) have filters in the return air duct.------Does air conditioning have to go on an outside wall?A window AC obviously has to go in a window to the outside. Also angled slightly downward as water will drip from the bottom of the unit to the ground outside------replacing air conditioner compressor?while you're valuable that everyone the different aspects are in serviceable concern, then confident,. you could replace only the compressor. of course, you will could desire to recharge the gadget with new refrigerant gasoline once you're achieved------how will my window type air conditioning unit perform if the exterior/exhaust part is not on the outside wall?That will adversely affect its operation and cause it to burn out much faster than it would otherwise. The outside part needs to be well ventilated so the hot air can be blown away------How do I clean my wall mounted air conditioner?It sounds like you should start with the routine maintenance. You can check out the ductless ac page at my source. You will find what maintenance needs done and also a troubleshooting guide if you need further assistance.------Fedders AZ7T10W2A Air Conditioners - Problem?I think the compressor is going off on high pressure. A lack of proper venting/air flow will heat the condenser section and shut off the unit. It must be the wall sleeves------Does a dehumidifier perform the same functions as an air conditioner?jose is right but an A/C also dehumidifies because cold air holds less moisture than hot air as the air cools the water condenses hence the water that drips from an A/C unit------What does it mean when water is leaking out of the wall?it could be condesation from your coolant lines or condensation from the unit itself, you need to have some one take a look at it soon, because it well begin to grow black mold------Window air conditioner causing hole in ceiling?Uh oh. Usually this black stuff is Stachybotrys and is toxic. Especially when it dries and is inhaled. Please contact someone experienced in mold removal to get advice on this. It can make you very sick. Good luck------How do I cut vinyl siding for a through-the-wall air conditioner?Did you are trying the Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioner?it could particularly bypass by means of partitions in a room. additionally, i advise that in case you go with to have that unit, examine the specs. besides, it has a stable high quality------Can I run my window unit air conditioner in the winter? (live in texas, rarely drops below 32 at night))?You can use room air conditioners year round and as long as you need, that is common in tropical countries and that goes for Texas, But get it serviced at least once a year for efficiency and economy------Should you always leave the air conditioner on?Purchase a programmable Thermostat , follow installation instructions not all that hard , or maybe have a friend who is mechanically inclined a little . This can save you a lot of money------Is there a way to use window air conditioner in a room with no windows?yes you cut a whole in the desired location with a sawsal and then insert air conditioner and seal up the sides making sure to slope the unit so its leang outward for condensation drainage and walla------What settings should my wall/room air conditioner be on?Did you are trying the Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioner?it may easily pass by partitions in a room. additionally, i recommend that in case you go with for to have that unit, study the specs. besides, it has a robust high quality------Power Cord through ceiling first to 2nd floor?As previously stated. to do what you have described is a code violation X2. Not only is running an extension cord thru the floor illegal, so is using an extension cord as permanent wiring------What is a good air conditioner that i dont have to put in a window and it will keep me very cool?I would recommend installing a duct-less wall mount air conditioner. You will need to have it professionally installed. The unit is permanent and some models also provide heat if desired. Cheers------how can I cool down an apartment with no ventilation and make the air more breathable?getting a window airconditioner would be one avenue to pursue but also could check into a humidifer or one of those clean air sort of machines they also have a portable air conditoning unit now but the cost is outrageous------Why does water drip when air conditioner turned on?The condensation pipe is probably clogged causing the overflow, rust usually builds inside of the pan that should catch the sweat off the ac coils, they probably never fixed the drain pipe or the ac pan is rusted thru------Air conditioners give you a sore throat?Cool air is usually dryer which can give you a sore throat. Also not a lot of people clean their air conditioners so the dust in it could be irritating your throat------Are there any risks invloved with venting a portable air conditioner into a drop ceiling?It is OK to discharge the condenser air into a drop ceiling providing the air has some where to go. If the air stays in the ceiling the ceiling will get very hot and you will loose your efficiency------How to get rid of bees?citrus heady scent and oranges artwork great at protecting the bees from going back to the hive. look up some extra information on the information superhighway. style in bee hive removing. a team of web sites ought to arise------air conditioner condensation dangerous?it sounds like you have a window unit and if you have condensation accumulating on the outside of the unit then you probably have an air leak make sure its sealed all around and under the unit------How do I cool down a room when I cannot mount a new air conditioner or run a hose out the window?In general infants/toddlers has higher tolerance on cold temperature than grownups. They often sweat eventhough we adults are already under our blankets. We stayed in Singapore, and switching the A/C is a must.------Question about window/wall air conditioners?All window units that I know of run the fan continuously.The thermostat must sense the incoming air,which the sensing bulb is located on the indoor coil.If it shut the fan off it would cycle on frequently and not be accurate.------where is the air conditioner filter on a 1997 ram 2500?I know some models came out with a fresh air passenger compartment filter and it was located on the passenger side under the cowl, if equipped. part of the cowling has to be removed for access------what is wrong with my home air conditioner?Check the drain pan under the unit in the attic. If the primary drain has become blocked, the float switch will kill the unit to prevent water overflow and damage inside your home------Tips for buying window air conditioner?I found this site and hope you will find the information that you've been looking for. This may help you to get answer of your question. Their site is centered around providing low priced or wholesale pricing on AC and heating (HVAC) equipment.------How do I fix my air conditioner vent?That is condensation that has drained off the evaporator coil. What you need to do is call a HVAC tech out there and tell him to plumb the condensate drain outside or into existing DWV (drain/waste/vent) plumbing------Do air conditioners in mobile homes condensate through the wall?if the temperature outside the mobile home is higher than inside, then there might be condensation. if the temperatures are really opposite, like too hot one side and too cold in the other, there might be more condensation------air conditioner mounted on side?If the air conditioner is horizontal in size and the window is vertical, do NOT put the air conditioner in the window sideways no matter what. Doing this would cause damage to the unit, and my void the warranty------Will it be safe for a portable air cond power plug be plugged in to an extension cord from the power socket?just make sure the power strip has its own built in circuit breaker and not just an on-off switch. with its own circuit breaker it will protect you of any overloads before they are dangerous.------would having an air convditioner built into the wall of one of the bedrooms in my house reduce the value of myLook into the units installed in motels and hotels. There are units available that do not protrude far beyond the side of the house and that also solve the condensate problem that I don't believe you have anticipated------Would it be wise to buy a dehumidifier and use it while the Air Conditioner is on?Air conditioners also dehumidify the air to some extent. However, if it is still too humid and you can afford the extra power consumption, you can also use a dehumidifier too. Which is basically a modified air conditioner.------Air conditioner btu rating needed for 1500 sq ft home-need opinions?to top length an AC equipment call a qualified HVAC contractor and characteristic them carry out a warmth/COOLING analysis. which will furnish the coolest length required. employing sq. pictures on my own isn't the magnificent thank you to length.------HELP with AIR CONDITIONERS?ok since you have the square ft of the room take what you ahve to your local home depot or lowes and tell them what you are looking for they will help alot not everyone takes the messurements of there room------My energy bill raises from 400 kw and lower to over 1000 in the summer?You could put a draw fan in the bathroom window and pull cool air in through the other windows at night and leave the air conditioner off until the next day------Air Conditoner for Wall Sleeve?thru the wall or PTAC units are usually used in commercial applications and the sleeves are solid non vented due to the design, window units however do have vented sleeves sometimes. Not quite sure what you are asking------If you increase the output air flow of an air conditioner, will it get colder?The size of the evaporator coil, the size of the compressor and condenser set the capacity of your AC unit. Increases in air flow through the evaporator above the design value will have little or no effect on the degree of cooling------How do I keep my air conditioner from rattling my walls?Any high density foam would help. Like the stuff they use for camping mats. Try Walmart in the camping section. Get one of those high density foam sleeping mats and cut it into squares and layer it under the AC unit------Has anyone purchased a portable air conditioner, if so, do u like it? which one do u recommend?A portable air conditioner must have the body or butt of the machine outside. If the machine is entirely inside the front of the machine will blow cool air while the rear puts out heat so you would be no farther ahead------How can I mitigate low frequency reverb in a bedroom?The lower frequencies have wavelengths that are much longer than the thickness of the wall and any padding. To reflect these sound waves, you can cause an impedance mismatch by increasing the mass at the wall.Can you put a bookcase there?------Best way to put in a14000BTU air conditioner?Hire a professional installer who will take care of all the details and will guarantee his work. Next, buy adequate renter's insurance with enough liability to cover you if something bad happens. An umbrella policy is a very good idea------My air conditioner is leaking out the back, can I fix it?Just like the person above me had said just place a bucket on the ground if the water becomes bothersome. SOmetiems when the humidity is really high they will tend to drip a lot of water------air conditioner fan runs constantly in auto?HVAC Tech.: You might have a bad blower contact switch. Perhaps you should have the problem checked out by a Professional and avoid the extra expense of curing the wrong problem. Good luck!------Can we build a very effective cooling system for house or apartment using solar or wind power?Yes you can construct a Solar portable air cooler. I have constructed this as a final year sem project and I got a good grade for it. Things needed:Construction :Working Of Circuit Diagram :.------What is the best portable air conditioner on the market?the different solutions may well be superb, notwithstanding: devoid of taking the entire factor aside, or breaking it, attempt verify if there ought to not be some blockage preserving the drain hose/pipe from draining. Is the unit making any ice everywhere?... case in point------whats the problem when your wall air conditioner ice,s the entire front condensor up ?Very high humidity causes this and there isn't a lot you can do about it. Atmospheric moisture is freezing on the evaporator, so basically you have to reduce the moisture or increase the temperature------does an air conditioner HAVE to be mounted in a window, and if so, why..?Only the ones designed specificly for such mounting. The cheap ones often are mounted in the windows. Expensive ones often have ducting throught the house and just have to be outside somewhere.------where does the water drainage from in the wall air conditioners go?When they install the wall sleeves they are supposed to be pitched to the outside for drainage but the sleeve itself could be leaking into the wall when it rains if the caulking has failed------My air conditioner is leaking?the water is the humidity that was removed from the inside air .your air conditioner should be leaning out and down so the water drains OUTSIDE, if unit is already oriented properly than ck that the drain is open and not clogged
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